Fork McCain: The Final Forking

It’s about time, isn’t it? Since, you know, the primaries have been over for months now, Hillary’s long ago lost, and we’re already in the general election. It’s long overdue, in fact.

So let’s get started with a look at the Electoral College, shall we? Those of you still unclear on its utmost importance can easily take a side trip to Wikipedia. As of today’s summary on Electoral

Yes! He’s already losing! The guy who’d be happy to have our people in Iraq for the next 100 years, and had to be forced into backing away from Hagee, is down below half! (Well, so’s Obama, but this is a Fork McCain thread).

It’s over. We can celebrate already. Not only is the Wicked Witch long dead, but so is the Warmonger!

(Well, *somebody * had to get this started, right? Nobody else was doing it. Or about to, either.)

Might I suggest Fork McCain: The Prequel?

Shouldn’t this be “The First Forking”? Or, at best, “Fork McCain II: Fork’s Revenge”?

I mean, I think McCain has put his foot in his mouth several times and will continue to do so. November is a long ways away - there are plenty more opportunities for him to fork himself. No, I’m afraid the final forking of McCain won’t come for some months now.

What exactly is the debate here?

As for Hillary … well, I think we’re gonna need a bigger fork.

It’s called “irony”, BK.

I have a feeling I’m getting whooshed here.

I thought this forum was “Great Debates”, not “Great Ironies”.

Me too. But, just in case, I suggest the title be “Fork You, McCain.”

There is a reason no one had.

If you come up with a topic to debate, feel free to post it here.
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