Fork you


Or: ‘How do you think you use it? By shoving it up your nose?’ is not what you want to say to a kid who takes things literally.

Or: I hate this forkin’ place.

(Warning: Image may upset some people.)

Is this a Snopes about the picture of the kid with the fork jammed through his nose? What’s the skinny on that, my company’s firewall has Snopes blocked out (and yes, the mentality that would block Snopes but allow CNN is deeply disturbing. I shall be contacting a headhunter on Monday)

Yes. On 11 July they were at a Chinese restaurant. The kid was climbing into the booth with the fork in his hand and fell on it.


Actually it happened at a drive through.

Thay Always fork you at the drive through!

Wow. Well, at that age, I don’t expect him to know that you’re supposed to use a spoon for coke.

And here I thought you were into sporks.

That kid’s done.

It took me about five full seconds to get that.


Which is why it is important, even at young ages, to teach children to eat Chinese with chop sticks rather than with a fork. The blunt tips are not nearly as likely to inflict puncture wounds.

Unless you trip and the chopstick goes up your nose and INTO YOUR BRAIN!! :eek:

Well, yeah, but if one goes into each nostril, hey, you got stereo!

No, wait…

Kind of reminds me of another timely happening and successful surgery.
The German pencil up her nose lady