Plastic Forks

This is I think the third time I bit a piece off of a plastic fork I was eating with. What complete garbage. :frowning:

Maybe if you stopped hoovering your food like the Loch Ness Monster and took some time chew (the food, not the fork) you wouldn’t have this problem.

I hear there’s some kind of new-fangled metal utensils available nowadays.

Low-quality plastic “silverware” is a menace. The forks and knives break, and the spoons have a razor-thin bit of flashing right on the end, that can cut your lip if you aren’t careful.

I wanna fly *your *airline, Sugar Tits.

I have a beef with plasticware too, but it must be of a different type than what the OP attempted to consume. Not only could you not accidentally bite off a piece, the shit is completely indestructible. Also completely useless, unless you’re filming an episode of Punk’d in which Dennis Farina struggles to quarter a Bartlett pear with a bendy gag knife.

Meh. If you buy the good stuff, it isn’t bad at all. Pricey, but they hold up well. And if you get the ones made from corn, they’re biodegradable too.

We have the biodegradable stuff at work. While it won’t break easily, eating anything hot tends to lead to Daliesque spectacles of bending spoons and curly forks.

So far we have concluded that we should bring our own silverware and quit bitching. Have not acted on these measures yet.

Chopsticks. Learn them and love them.

I loathe plastic utensils. :frowning:

After years of listening to my bitching, hubby gave me a neat present: he bought one of those snapping plastic cases for traveling with your toothbrush, and picked up a metal knife, fork and spoon that would fit inside (25 cents each at a Goodwill.) I liked it so much I got a second kit, now one lives in my glove box and one in my desk at work.

Just remember to run the case through the dishwasher now and then. They get groady, even if you wash the utensils before putting them back.

Your teeth should not be coming in contact with your fork!

Now all I can imagine are those people who slide their teeth along their utensils. Argh.

I know. There’s a lady at work who refuses to use metal eating utensils because she can’t stand how they scrape her teeth. :confused:

We had an office Christmas party last year where the forks’ tines were so bendy that the meal was almost inedible…they wouldn’t even pierce the cooked carrots, and cutting the meat was even kind of difficult. I know, I know, I’m sure there will be nothing like that to complain about this year.

Yep, unfortunately, they aren’t easily accessible. I’ve never bitten a piece off of a chopstick though.

Try two pencils.

How else am I supposed to make a shiv!?

However, plastic chopsticks are a thing of the devil, and should be avoided.

Or maybe some plastic forks are poorly made. I don’t hoover my food and I don’t chew the forks, but I’ve experienced the same problem that the OP has.

My problem with plastic forks is the morons at work put them into their chili and then into the microwave. They whine like babies “I thought plastic was supposed to be fine in the microwave!”
Yeah, except when in boiling chili.