Former SDMB Poster Collounsbury Has Cancer?

Word just arrived from a usually reliable source, complete with a link that took me to a live journal penned by a “Collounsbury” who possesses considerable MENA expertise and writes with the same trademark vitriol of twice-banned SDMB poster Collounsbury. Sounds like one and the same.

No word on prognosis, but one of his posts mentions treatment for lung cancer. An earlier post mentions possible tumor migration into his bones. A recent post mentions his having a very low white cell count.

Under these possibly life-threatening circumstances, I see no reason not to provide a link.

Best wishes to C, if this is he.

It is he.

I will say a prayer.


Damn. :frowning: My best wishes, too.

I’m going to allow this thread to stay open, but there will be no discussion of Collunsbury’s personality, difficulties with our boards, or anything similarl.

I note that the link that Carnac provided includes an email address, if you want to send your good wishes to Collunsbury, although if he’s hospitalized, it’s not clear that he’ll see them.

I’d love to have the opportunity to sit with him in the shade of a dusty, dingy little bar in Lebanon with a slow fan moving overhead, drinking the libation of his choosing and discussing all ME affairs ancient and current.

Collounsbury, given that chance I’m buyin’ all afternoon long. Best wishes, sir.

BTW he is in chemo, but not hospitalized. He is online frequently and will see any wishes sent his way.

I will note that it is aparently not lung cancer per se, but rather a tumor that invaded the lung from elsewhere, he has had surgery and the prognosis is apparently about the best that might be hoped for given the extreme circumstances ( i.e. the five year survival rate is apparently high ).

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Breathtakingly important though this place doubtless is in the great world order, I think petty past squabbles rather pale into insignificance beside matters of actual life and death, don’t you?

In answer to the OP, yes - Collounsbury has been seriously ill and still is. It happened very suddenly and was a complete shock to him and everyone else. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and those of us that remain acquainted with him are desperately hoping for the best outcome as soon as possible. Those of you with friends and relatives that have suffered cancer and similar illnesses, or suffered them yourselves, will know what an absolute ordeal the actual treatments are.

Coll has been notified of this thread and I am sure he appreciates the sentiments expressed. The kind ones anyway.

Oh, come now. Col would appreciate the unkind ones, as well, provided they were expressed with acerbic wit rather than heavy-handed boorishness or muddled ignorance.
Still, given the topic, I think that best wishes and prayers are far more appropriate and I send him both.

Another sending of best wishes.

I’d like to add my well wishes too. I recognize his name from the old days on here but I don’t think we ever communicated directly. Reading his journal, it sounds like he is coping with this difficult situation about as well as anyone could be expected to. I certainly hope that his treatments go well and that things get easier for him soon.

Sending good thoughts his way…I remember him well.

Sending out good vibes and prayers for Collounsbury.

Best wishes Collounsbury. Tenacity is important in overcoming cancer…I’m thinking you’ve got what it takes. :wink:


My best wishes as well to Collounsbury. I always valued his insight and opinons.

Good luck on a speed recovery.