Forms of post rape trauma?

The many debates going on about rape has made me wonder what types of things women go through short term and long term after a traumatic act of rape.

Some of the things I’ve considered could happen

  1. Not being able to have sex with a partner
  2. Not being able to masturbate
  3. Regular symptoms of post traumatic stress

Is there other specific psychological effects post rape?

Are there non-traumatic acts of rape?

  1. The possibility of pregnancy and whether or not to abort.
  2. The issue of rehashing the experience over and over in front of cops and a court should the victim report it as a crime, and the police arrest a suspect.
  3. The possibility of catching one or more STDs.
  4. Intrusive medical exams.

“2. The issue of rehashing the experience over and over in front of cops and a court should the victim report it as a crime, and the police arrest a suspect.
4. Intrusive medical exams.”

Very good, I need more things like this, thanks

Very often all males will look like predators for years afterward. It can be very hard to differentiate ones husband, or father, or even son form the new re-wiring “male = posisble predator.”

The two items you picked can be theoretically avoided if the victim never reports it. I don’t think the worry over pregnancy and STDs can be. Well, pregnancy wouldn’t be a worry if the victim knows she’s sterile.

I’ve been thinking of some stuff for a screenplay where a young girl is raped and impregnated by a church official.

So, I already know the girl reports it and does get pregnant, etc. I just need help thinking up traumatic situations

The thing that was hardest for me was that I’d be okay for a while. I’d have a nice consensual sex life going on with someone, and then out of the blue, I’d have a panic attack - often *during *sex. It’s pretty horrid to have the feeling that this guy you love is attacking you, and yet you know it’s not so. I bet it’s no picnic for him, either.

There’s trauma involved in deciding whether or not to tell your friends and family, and some of that is relived every time you get serious with a new lover. Do I tell him? Does he have a right to know? It was a pretty big thing in my life, so I don’t want to hide it, but I also don’t want him thinking I’m damaged goods…

There’s trauma in the reactions of family and friends. Lots of them act as if they don’t want to hear it, or they want every detail, or they’re ambivalent. Trying to talk down an angry boyfriend/father/brother from “kicking that fucker’s face in!” while you’re already emotional isn’t fun. Some believe you, some don’t, and some blame you.

There’s the potential for trauma in even the therapy/support system, both professional and in your family/friends. I had actually come to terms with what happened in my past before my family found out, and then had to endure months of them telling me how devastated and broken I must be. How they’d “understand” if I acted out sexually, or became frigid, or acted out. Eventually, I believed them, and I began acting in ways to validate their assumptions.

And, I’m not sure if this is pertinent to your character, but many of us also struggle with “was it really rape?” in our own hearts. Maybe we didn’t struggle enough, or yell, or maybe we “led him on” or some shit. There’s this sense that rape as a term should be reserved for violent stranger rape, and anything that doesn’t result in two black eyes and a broken arm isn’t “really” rape, and you’re an impostor and an asshole for using the term to describe what happened to you. I’ve even worked with actual victims of violent stranger rape who still struggle with calling what happened to them “rape.” ETA: It’s even worse for victims of molestation and child rape, as their attackers are generally someone they love, and the body may very well react with pleasure during their attacks; that’ll screw with your head for YEARS.

If it’s the Catholic church, you should really play up the abortion question. When you mix church and abortion, you get eternal damnation, excommunication… Lots of drama in there.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it’ll be one of those ridiculous televangelist churches. Sort of like what Benny Hinn’s church is…

Then you can also make it ridiculously anti-abortion, threatening brimstone and hellfire.

Ooh, ooh, here’s another thought. The “church official” (priest? bishop?) wants her to have an abortion, partly to get rid of evidence, and partly to avoid a future child support obligation. But, this guy gas been preaching that abortion equals damnation.

And/or, the story gets known to the congregation, and they are divided. And the priest can do one of those tearful blubbery confessions from the pulpit.

Oh, and for good measure, throw a gay hooker and some crystal meth in there somewhere. That would make it more realistic! :stuck_out_tongue: