Forrest Fenn treasure hunt has been solved?

So this video has a pretty good explanation of a solve for the Fenn treasure hunt.

For those that don't know, almost a decade ago Forrest Fenn put around 1 million dollars worth of gold and jewels into a metal box and put it somewhere out in the wilderness. At the same time he published a book with clues for how to find it. Until a few weeks ago, no one had (credibly) publicly come out to say they had found it yet and the author had agreed that it hadn't been found.

Well, now it seems that someone has a good solution to the clues, but claims the treasure is not there (anymore). I have followed this treasure hunt for a while, and I think the solution given is good, with three caveats:

  1. I don’t see his reason for deciding the starting point was Bozeman. It seems instead that he worked backwards from first finding Blaze. Which is OK, but I want to know how Bozeman fits into the picture. Is Bozeman the last place outside Yellowstone where hot springs are found?

  2. The photo evidence is shoddy and poor. I can’t see a damn thing in that image.

  3. “Blaze” was always an obvious key to the solution. Did no one around that region know there was a Blaze mountain out there?

Other than those things I think the treasure seeker has done a good job of connecting all the dots.

It seems that once he solved it he emailed his solution to Fenn and awaited a response. When no response came he went out to the location (twice) to find the treasure, and claims that it was no longer there. I will be interested to see how this resolves.

Many people in Arkansas thought it was near Hot Springs,Ark.
I never read the book. So I have no clue (pun!).

Well, we dont know the treasure was ever there, or ever actually existed.

Did Fenn ever produce a receipt for $1,000,000 worth of gold + jewels?

Or furthermore, that the location currently found is correct, and the author is obligated to spoiler it –

“yes you’re correct, sorry its gone”

“nope, wrong, tray again”

“ohhhh…so close, and yet so far”

Like lots of people, I don’t much care for threads that start, “Just look at the Youtube and we can start talking about it.” Yeah, O.P., no thanks, tell us why we should care, and then we’ll talk about it. However, to be fair, O.P. did a good job in this thread:

Well, thanks, but doesn’t this, and other caveats in your O.P. just make this more of the same?

Or a photograph of what’s supposedly there? How’d he haul it all to “that location” presumably somewhere near Yellowstone Park or thereabouts, bury it, disguise the spot, given that the search process alone has killed a bunch of people?

He was an art dealer and interested in pre-columbian gold figurines. He was supposedly well-to-do.
There are photos on the net like this:

of what is supposedly in the box - gemstones, gold nuggets, figurines, coins and vials of gold. The objects match his claims, but I don’t know who took the photo. He went by horseback, so it is said (and he is a horse rider).

I just thought some SDMB people might have had an interest in this. Carry on if not.

Edit - oh yeah, he didn’t say he buried it.

Wired (if you can get the site to show it to you) has a very good article on the treasure and a man who died trying to find it:

Well, the video is so fucking boring I couldn’t watch any of it. But why would someone publicly show all their work to everyone else? What if they were only off by some small factor and now everyone knows the general location?