"Fortune Telling" button does not work

Another query from numbnuts here:

When starting a new thread, I notice at the bottom there is a handy button that allows you to see into the future (“Preview Reply”). I thought it would be great to have a look at replies to a thread I hadn’t started yet - but when I click the button, I only get to preview my OP.

What gives? Is it just me? Being able to see future replies will enable me to tailor the OP so that any errors pointed out later can be sorted before I look stupid.

Or, has this useful feature been deliberately disabled to stop people from constantly creating awkward paradoxes?

::Stutting off, impressed with my immense wit::

It prolly woulda been funnier if I’d had any coffee yet.

Don’t quit your day job. :smiley:

The Clear Fields button doesn’t work either.

I live in a rural environment, and there is a Field opposite the house which often has a lot of cows in it.

When the Local Farmer wants to milk the cows it would be handy if I could press Clear Fields so that the cows could be teleported on to the lane outside. Instead, what happens is I just lose the post and I have to start all over again.

I have been trying to record this fault for two months now.

It’s the Field which often has a lot of cows in it, and not the House.

If the converse was true then the button would, of course, say Clear House and not Clear Fields.

I just thought I’d clarify that point.

But I have noticed Kim’s acne is getting better.

The ‘Submit Reply’ button doesn’t work properly either; when I click it, I get:

’Please complete both the subject and message fields. Press the back button, correct the problem and try again.'

and I have to go back and actually write the reply by myself sheesh!

I’d like to note that the “Close Thread” link doesn’t work, even for us Moderators. I’ve been clicking on it for hours, and my cuffs are still frayed.

yeah, and ya know the “profile” button at the bottom of this post?


damn. i always click on it in hopes of seeing what a poster really looks like and… surprise! a window pops up and a bunch of unintelligible words come up. grmph…

But on a happy note, whenever I click home, I look around and lo and behold, I AM indeed at home.

This doesn’t always work for me, sometimes I remain elsewhere.

Yah, and “New Thread” don’t work neither nohow. No matter how many times I hits it, I’s still sittin here in these dopey old threads.

Oh, and when I saw ‘last thread’, I thought “That’s it then?, never going to be any more”, but they haven’t stopped.


Impressed with my wit, but not with my spelling.

Obviously, you’ve been listening too much to your favorite record, “Stay Cat Stut” :wally:

I think you’ve all bounced your reality checks.

I’m still waiting for someone’s Beavis/Butthead impersonation in re the “Members” button.

Heh hehheh…you said “member”…heh hehheh heh heh

uh… huhuh… huhuhuh

Unh - me pressum Forum Jump, and him no jump. Me thinkum gyp, no jump. Only gettum list. Oy vey. :rolleyes:
Henh, henh, if you like “member”, you missed “post subject”. Henh, henh, henh, henh, henh, henh… [sub]REECK! HELP MEE, REECK!![/sub]