Forum Jump wierdness

Just reporting a possible bug.

Sometimes, randomly it seems, when I use the Forum Jump pull down menu, I get sent to the Straight Dope front page. Not the message board page, the actual site’s front page.

I don’t even have the front page bookmarked, I’ve bookmarked the message board page, so I don’t think it’s a browser fault. I cleared my cookies, cache, and stuff jsut in case, and yet it just now did it again. Wierd, huh? (Netscape 7.1 on win98se)

So anyhoo… heads up and all that.

Not sure why you’re being sent to the front page exactly but I can tell you that sometimes a glitch in my mouse’s wheel will send me to ‘comments on cecil’s columns’ when I am convinced I clicked on ATMB.

Hovever, what’s happening to you has never happened to me. What browser are you using?

yeah, totally wierd. If it sent me to another forum, or even the forum overview page, I would assume it’s all on my end. But, it’s sending to the freakin Front Page, with Cecil’s Columns, Threadspotting, Buy my T-shirt stuff.

As I mentioned, the Front Page isn’t even in my faves/bkmarks.

And I cleared out all the caches and cookies and ran a WinWipe, and about an hour later, it did it again. Having not been to that page at all that session, getting new cookies (having to log in again) and all, too.

Netscape 7.1


Oh yeah, when I did the Wipe, I also ran all my anti spy stuff, too.

The only thing I can think of is maybe my mouse click is going all the way through the drop down menu and hitting the hyperlink to the Homepage. Would that be a drop down menu problem or something wonky with my mouse and/or settings?

Any chance you are double-clicking the link to another forum in the drop down menu? If so, the second click might be “hitting” the link to the Straight Dope homepage.

It’s the only other thing I can think of.

I changed the sensitivity and the double click speed. Let’s see what happens over the next few days.


Does your response indicate that you are double clicking? If so, just try single clicking on the menu and see if the “forum jumping” occurs.

I don’t think I am, and I’m not trying to double click. Just admitting that the interval may be a problem. Maybe I accidently doubled while scrolling and clicking. Couldn’t hurt to check, anyways.

For that matter, I might have worn out the mouse. I’m sure those contacts in there don’t last forever.

Either one is seeming much more likley to me now, rather than thinking a vB error was doing it.