Four Jacks and a Jill is a real group

Thought that was a fake name in Spinal Tap

Oh, very real, believe me.

are they still at the Ramada in KC?

I hope Biggus Dickus and his wife Incontentia Buttocks are not real people.


They were actually disbanded a year before Spinal Tap came out. They reformed in 2000, and have been producing lots of stuff locally. So I hear, at any rate, they are not my thing.

Now, Clout, there was an awesome 70s export…

You can’t have a thread like this without a link to the group’s big North American hit.

Was there a real Pussy Galore? How about Ivana Humpalot? Alotta Fagina?

There was a real Ima Hogg.

Related, I remember the 2011 South Park episode “You’re getting Old” and its parody of trailer for an upcoming Adam Sandler movie called Jack and Jill. A few months later, I saw an actual trailer and my honest reaction was “Oh, my God, that’s a real movie?!” I thought Parker and Stone had just made it up because it sounded so outlandish.