four sisters recreate their childhood photos, 20 yrs later.

I like this idea. They tracked down some of the same locations and similar clothes. Interesting how young blonde kids get darker hair as adults.

I’d love to do this too.

Second in from from the left in the tub kept her awful bangs. And then buzzed her head?

In 1950 my father had a picture taken of himself with a 1940 Ford. It was the first car he ever owned on his own.

Later, in 1990, he found another car the exact same model and year, and restored it to look precisely like the original. Then he dressed in dark pants, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, as in the original photo, and had a picture taken of himself in front of the same house, along with the car. He did it again in 2000 and 2010, and although he has a lot less hair than in 1950, I bet he could fit into the same clothes, and the car is just the same. It’s interesting to see the houses in the background, how the landscaping changes, trees come and go, and so forth.

There’s a whole sites of these. They’re fun!

Wow, the mother has gotten a lot shorter!

And the landmarks!

I tried something similar, though the subjects were my father (in the 1950’s) and myself (in the 2000’s)

Then and Now

(The 2009 shot was a self-portrait with the camera’s ten-second timer; I really could have used someone to give me direction and press the shutter.)

It’s not quite the same, but I like these even better.

The girls in the OP’s link seem to have half-assed their efforts to match the clothing and some of the poses.

This has always been my favorite version of it.

Those are cool. I still live in the same house my parents have owned since before I was born (I bought it from them), and I keep meaning to do some recreations of baby photos. In fact now I could do them with me being my dad and my daughter being me :slight_smile:

The caption of the shots with the guards is wrong, though. That’s the Royal Palace in Stockholm, not Drottningholm palace, which is a different building.