Very cool: photos reproduced years later with same subject

Came across this guy’s website. He recreates old photos using the same people from the original. I could look at these types of photos all day. Some are truly amazing in the way the same expressions are captured.

(Some slight nudity in one of them)

I love it!

I guess this is the visual equivalent of picking on grammar, but I couldn’t help but notice when things were so close but just not right. I didn’t mind an entirely different piece of clothing, for example, but when the stripes in a tie or shirt were reversed my eye went right for that! Same with some of the backgrounds being slightly shifted.

Once I stopped stressing and just appreciated, though, I really like the concept and I think it was done well.

Mama’s got a squeezebox, Daddy never sleeps at night! :smiley:

Very cool, pictures, though.

Holy smokes that is cool.

Wow. Impressive! I like the guy in the foam hat. A few of them, especially the tinted baby pics (#4), were a little ways into the Uncanny Valley, though, and I’m not sure why. My overall impression is one of great sadness, seeing the ravages that ageing exerts on us (though tattoos certainly don’t help).

Yeah, the tattoo/piercing/subdermal implant lady really had me wondering. Matias and Tommy are total hotties. Some of the adults get their child facial expressions exactly right, and some of them are noooooottt quite there, but it’s still good.

There’s a magazine in Japan called Tokyo Graffiti (it’s a really cool magazine) that has their readers send in these kinds of photos. Not as accurate, since they are not done by a professional, but still amusing. They also have the people in the photo answer questionnaires about what they liked (food, books, etc.) or what their goals were at the different ages in each photo. I wonder if both sources came up with the idea independently–I guess it’s not that crazy of an idea. Still cool though!

This is such a cool concept! I’m thinking of a bunch of old family photos I’d love to see revisited in this way.

MOAR!! I want MOAR!

Thanks, Morbo, that was terrific.

Loved it. If this thing doesn’t go viral it’s not for want of me spamming it round.

This and this are my favorites. The first one is so funny that it’s cute, and the second I find incredibly sweet.

Excellent stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Flo, Maria and Delores: The dresses must have been re-made!

Someone did an amazing job editing the new pictures (which are likely digital) to make them look like the old ones. Hell, if you just glanced across the page, you might not even noticed the side by sides were different.
I like that the girl in the white t-shirt looks like she’s wearing exactly the same pair of boots in both pictures.

ETA This is another great example. I like to dig it up every year or so and look at it again. Normally I do it when a thread like this comes along.

I wonder how he convinced the two adult brothers to get into a bathtub with each other.

I have a good one of these of my family from a recent vacation. We posed at the continental divide several years ago, then again last summer.

When I go home for spring break I’ll track them down.

There was a very similar project already done by a guy called Zefrank. Young Me/Now Me. So for those of you who wanted more, there you go!

I submitted my photo to him for consideration, although I never heard back…

They did it for the sake of this art project, of course, just like everybody else pictured.

What I noticed about that one is that they’re in a larger tub in the second picture, so that the proportions approximate the original.

I couldn’t disagree more. For me, this is a project absolutely filled with the joy of life.

Consider, anyone who’s pictured here has not only survived the interval, but has kept touch with their past and kept enough of a sense of humor, or good-sportedness, to participate in this project, which was certainly more involved for the subjects than sitting for a simple portrait. These people have done all manner of things in their lives in the intervals, but I think they are all happy people. The shots of family together multiply this sense.

Didn’t we have a thread about this just a few weeks ago? With the link broken due to the nudity?

I love the photos.


is it just me, or are the little baby ones creepy?