I didn’t see this posted, so thought I’d share.

It’s called YoungMeNowMeand is a website where people post side by side photos of themselves today recreating photos from when they were younger. Most people do a really great job of taking photos in the same location, w/ similar clothing and similar poses. I could look at these for hours. Some are really touching (like an older couple recreating their wedding dance) or hilarious (this one made me laugh for some reason).

I have a few of myself that I think I’m going to try and recreate. I’ll post a link here if I do, and I encourage other Dopers to also share if they do this. It’s really fun.

Enjoy, and please feel free to post your favorites here.

Oh, I love this! Thank you!

Wow, I had totally forgotten about zefrank!

Thanks that was great! Some people change so much and some look just the same just older.

What’s so special about the pic in this link above? I know where it was taken! It’s by a fountain in the Lake Anne Shopping Center in Reston, Virginia where I lived over 30 years ago! I used to run through those fountains all the time when it was warm! Talk about a one in a million find!

I love looking at pictures of people then and now- it’s endlessly fascinating to see how people change yet stay the same. I’m going to dig up some old pictures and do one of myself tomorrow.

Excellent find. Entirely by chance, I had an old picture of myself and my sister, who recently passed away, that only needed to be mirror-imaged to match up with a more recent photo of us hanging out at a bar together. It was nice to see them side by side. :slight_smile:

I liked the one where he was sitting on the floor potty as a kid and was doing the same as an adult. Probably because I just had to help my daughter use the potty.

And my cat link, not mine.

This one is fantastic:

Awesome! I love these:

And this one cracked me up:

Funny. I actually have a picture of my sister and I that mirrors the first one that popped up, taken at Disneyworld in the early 80s.