FOX Complaint Letter, Part 1

I was so pissed about the moon hoax show I send a complaint letter. I might send copies to all FOX’s advertisers, too. Here is the text of the letter. No “catfish-felching motherfucker” comments, alas.
To Whom it May concern;

The purpose of this letter is to express my most profound disappointment and displeasure with your February 15, 2001 special presentation, “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?”

It would be an understatement of epic proportions to state that the claims made in your program were false. The “evidence” for the “moon hoax” as presented is so juvenile, silly and easily refuted that it is difficult to understand how producers for a major television network would allow such blatant falsehoods to be broadcast. In every case, the “evidence” presented demonstrated an ignorance of high school physics and common sense. An exhaustive refutation of this nonsense would take several pages, but suffice to say that consultation with a physics textbook and a professional photographer would prove false every claim made in the program. The fact that actual scientists, photographers, and astronauts were afforded very little time on your program to voice the opposing (and indisputably correct) view would be a terrible injustice were it not for the fact that, frankly, the notion of a “moon hoax” is so ludicrous that it should never have earned broadcast time on your network.

Furthermore, the content and tone of the program was slanderous and offensive in the extreme. To suggest, without an iota of evidence, that NASA conspired to murder its own astronauts to perpetrate a money-making hoax is certainly the vilest, most shameful pack of lies I have ever had the misfortune of seeing on television.

That the Apollo missions landed on the Moon is a matter of historical fact no more in doubt that the fact that the Vietnam War occurred or that the continent of Asia exists. I would think that should one of your network competitors air a special called “Asia: Does it really exist or is it a hoax?” your staff would think it hilarious, and jokes at that network’s expense would soon be written into every FOX show on the dial. To dispute a truth no more in doubt than two and two equalling four would require stupidity and scientific ignorance on a scale that would not be acceptable in elementary school. Unsurprisingly, your program contained stupidity and ignorance in abundance.

Furthermore, is seems especially odious to me that the target of such offensive slander should be not just any endeavor, but arguably the single greatest achievement in the history of the human race. The day that Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon was the apex of human progress, the culmination of fifty thousand years of labor, thought, blood, sweat and tears. It was the greatest, most defining moment of our existence as a species. Those involved with the Apollo project are not just American heroes, but heroes for the entire human race and, in a very real sense, our first ambassadors to the rest of the universe. To slander them is to slander humanity. The FOX network could not possibly have sunk any lower than to denigrate this achievement of unparalleled magnificence.

There is no question whatsoever in my mind, or indeed in the mind of any intelligent person, that the FOX network should immediately apologize for its role in perpetrating such a disgusting falsehood on the world. Until then I will refrain from watching your network, and will enthusiastically counsel others to do the same. I am pleased to report that I have already convinced others to join me in this.

Richard Jones

Rick may I offer you a tad bit of constructive criticism?

I loved the first and second parts of your letter. The third part comes off as a tad extremist. Don’t get me wrong. I agree with you 100%. I too think the space program, and our landing on the moon, were the greatest achivements of mankind. But your tone in the letter smacks of fanatacism. You’re a fanatic for a good cause, but it’s fanatical nevertheless. Because of that, it gives them all the more reason to ignore you. You can’t remain impartial to the issue, so why should they accept your viewpoint on this?

I’m not sure what the “third part” is. The fourth paragraph?

Sorry. The first part is where you berate them for their lack of understanding on the basics of science.
The second part is where you make fun of them for doing something that ridiculous, showing how other stations are probably laughing at them.
The third part shows your devotion to the US space program.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I agree with you. The problem is that I believe how you phrased it hurts your argument because you come off looking biased (well, duh, you are). If you had remained more objective as you showed them why you support the space program, I think the letter in its entirety would have been stronger.

“Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” :slight_smile:

And while I didn’t watch the moon landing show (though I’ve read more than enough about it on here…there were probably more skeptics watching it than believers, heh), I agree with what your letter said.

  • Tsugumo


The sad part is that the folks who believe this crap think of themselves as skeptics.

I admit, it was a close call between “Moon Hoax” and “Fifty Sluts and a Shithead,” but in the end, the moon hoax show won it by a nose.

On that note, here’s one for you; since FOX is willing to put “Who Wants To Marry a Multi-Millionaire” on TV, how long do you think it’ll be before they come up with a new game show, “Win A Russian Mail-Order Bride?” They’ll be auctioning off women on FOX within five years.

Fox is the station that plays those stupid ufo and ghost specials also if im correct. Of course they “cover” themselves pretty good with thier disclaimer.
They only show what will get good ratings, and since (IMO) 80% of americans are stupid and dislike thinking for themselves they actually believe it, and watch it.
Those that believe it and call themselves skeptics are sad excuses, and probably believe just as ardently in the ghost and Ufo specials.
Forget that one of the defining aspects of the Skeptics is thier ability to reason. Critical thinking isnt a conspiracy theorist’s strong point.

When I first heard about the show(I missed it) I was convinced It was full of Shit. After reading a couple of pro-hoax web sites (the first ones I saw) It raised my doubts. There was soemthing there. Then I read the Debunking pages, Did a little reasoning, a little reasearch and used my brain. And ill say it again. Those who believe in this foul, thoughtless drivel, are stupid or just plain fucking lazy.

As bad as it is that Fox offers up this horrendous tripe, there is one network that angers me even more: The Learning Channel. Fox is widely recognized to be a lowest common denominator network. It even takes a perverse sort of pride in it. But seeing all the UFO/ghost stories/psychic phenomena lovefests that they run on TLC makes me want to vomit. This is a channel that is ostensibly about educating people, yet they often run crappy shows that sensationalize rather than attempt to critically examine cases. Unfortunately, the market speaks louder than common sense, and the public has demonstrated an insatiable appetite for superstition and pseudoscience, and the 21st century doesn’t look like it will shape up any differently than the last.

Yeah, 93% of the time TLC blows, but from time to time they do show a good skeptical program. They broadcast a highly skeptical BBC show on UFOs not long ago, and last night there was a program narrated by Judd Nelson called “Unmasking the Secrets of the Unknown” or “Revealing the Mysterious Masks of Secrecy” or something silly like that. (Sorry, can’t seem to access at the moment!) They debunked a few psychic tricks, psychic surgery, and crop circles. Unfortunately I missed the first half.