Help requested from the Teeming Millions

As most of you know by now, FOX is going to air a program that helps support the claim that the moon landing was a hoax. The program is to air this coming Thursday.

The idea that the moon landings were an elaborate hoax is completely untrue, and while it is impossible to stop the airing of this show, I feel that we can show FOX that we are not tolerant of pandering to such asinine notions as this.

Therefore, I humbly ask one request of the teeming millions. Please send an email to the fox network (see address below) to express your outrage at such nonsense being shown, and secondly, to request that they create a follow-up program to debunk the notions that they will air on Thursday evening. We can’t stop this one, but we can sure try to get a correction made.
Maybe they’ll think twice before making a similar program in the future.

Those that send the mail can also “sign” this thread, so we can see how many are being sent. That would be great.

The address for FOX is:

Thanks to everyone who participates.

“Maybe they’ll think twice before making a similar program in the future”?

Er, um, are we talking about the same Fox Network? The Fox Network of X-Files, America’s Most Wanted, Cops, Dark Angel, Night Visions, 90210, World’s Wildest Police Videos, and last but not least, Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire? The network that the National Organization of Women labeled the “Network of Shame”?

This is the network you want to encourage to be more responsible?


Whatever is wrong wth America’s Most wanted? That show has actually done some degree of service, if I recall, has it not?

Monn Landing a hoax? Interesting to find out what kind of proof they could come up with. I’ll be sure to tune in and maybe get a good laugh. Who knows maybe it was a hoax, were you there?

BTW I was only joking on that last comment. I have no doubt that the original moon landing was real. The data they aquired and filming that was done would be hard to produce at that time.

Damn right Stup!

Pseudoscience and ridiculous conspiracies and such are a rampant disease of modern society, like some sick intellectual ebola. Though Fox may simply ignore it, I’ll be emailing them too, and I urge anyone reading this to do the same. Keep quiet about this crap long enough and soon they’ll be teaching it in the schools, just look at creation “science”.

NASA just landed NEAR on the asteroid Eros, the very first such landing (controlled crash) ever done. A monumental event indeed. The moon landing was a far greater event than that. To claim that it was faked is an insult, not just to those who took part, but to everyone with half a brain.

maltese chicken

How do we know they won’t debunk the hoax theory during the actual show on Thursday? I haven’t seen any promos for this or heard anything about what is planned to be aired, other than it’s about the possibilty that the moon landing was a hoax.

I’ll watch, I bet it’s funny as hell. Anyone stupid enough to believe that deserves…well, being stupid.

Or maybe this is so they don’t make a religious person feel like an outcast.
Forcing the belief in evolution on someone as a replacement for the belief in creation is a supression of one’s freedom of religion.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Teach all schools of thought or none of them, especially on a subject so close to religious beliefs. In a public school system, where there are many different people and many different beliefs, one school of thought should not take precedence over another. Doing so would make the students who don’t agree with the dominant school of thought feel ostracized. Because of this I agree with creation being taught as well as evolution.

I will make one exception to this - in my school anthropology was an elective course. It said quite clearly in the description of the course if you choose to take this class you will learn about evolution. In such a case as this where the student elects to learn about something, they should not bitch about creation not being taught when they knew it wasn’t part of the curriculum when they signed up for the class.

Sorry for the hijack.
To get the thread back on track: I would just like to know if this will be presented like that “Alien Autopsy” crap, where they go along with the BS and try to make it sound true, or if they will actually be responsible this time and debunk the different points of the moon landing theory as they bring it up.
Looking at FOX’s track record though, I can see why you don’t have faith in the responsible scenario.


Someone I know of got an advance copy… It’s pure nonsense all the way.

I’ve already sent an email. In addition, having taken you at your word about how much you want Fox to feel our (science & SF fans’) outrage, I have posted your message to the Lois McMaster Bujold Maillist (Bujold is a popular SF author). If you convince me that you’re truly motivated, I’ll rejoin a couple of other SF author lists I haven’t been on in a while and ask for help there, too.

[Hint: I’ll rejoin one of my old maillists for every two other SF author maillists you join for purposes of your crusade.]

Well, I appreciate your help to be sure. This is my second message concerning this subject on this board, and I have left a message on one other board (Astronomy based) imploring them too to write to FOX.
So if this is enough to convince you, then proceed with your rejoining.

The problem with creation science is that it not based on thought! Evolution is based on thought, and evidence, and testing and proof. Creationism is not. It is a pure faith-based doctrine, and has no place being taught as a valid theory beside evolution, no matter how scientific-sounding it tries to sound.

We should not diminish the intelligence of the school system just because some feel that the world’s evidence conflicts with their religious beliefs. If they want to believe it, fine. But we should NOT try to convince a science class that God created the world in 7 literal 24-hour days 6000 years ago. That is forcing a single religion on the whole system. If we give time for all creation myths from all religions, that will leave no time to learn anything valid. So if we teach all “theories” then nothing will be learned. If we teach the one valid and proven one, then much can be learned.

And that’s all I have to say about that in this thread, please.
We now return you to the subject at hand.

Excellent point. I’ll let it drop on that note, also.

BTW, thanks for the info about the advanced copy. I’ll be sending off my email to FOX.