FoxNews: lies, slanders and hypocrisy. Again.

This just in: FoxNews revealed to be biased, news exec revealed to be hypocritical liar, FoxNews viewers don’t care and everyone else is unsurprised.


So far-fetched, in fact, that Fox linked Obama to socialism at least 35 times in the run-up to the election.

Once again Fox has drawn a clear line between opinion and hard news…and then put them both on the same side of the line.

Usual Daily Show lulz here.

No surprise here. I’ve said it many times on this board, but I’ll say it again. Conservatives in recent years have elevated hypocrisy and shamelessness to levels that were previously unimagined. If they thought they could score some points against Obama by taking a dump on the American flag and wiping their asses with the Constitution, their pants would come flying down at warp speed. And their base would lap it up.


Most of us realize that the Fox folks are just there to stir the pot. They don’t have to actually believe what they say as long as they get the reaction they want.

But I find it a little bit frightening to realize how many people there are in this country who accept every word broadcast on Fox to be pure unadulterated indisputable gospel, even when the station’s own executives come right out and admit they’re full of shit! It’s kind of mind-boggling, really.

As Obi-wan Kenobi asked: “Who’s the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?”

More to the point, whose vote counts more? The fool, the fools that follow, or the non-fools?

This is George Orwell’s sheep, not storm troopers.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I did come across this video today. Supposedly, those remarks were taken out of context. Again, I have no dog in this fight, and I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me, so I’m not about to argue either way.

Wow. That there is some desperate spinning. However, Sammon said it and he’s admitted he said it, although he now says he meant something different by “mischievous speculation” than Media Matters’ interpretation.

Out of context or not, is anyone surprised?

FOX News exists to make money. They found that they make a lot of money by pandering to to the right, especially targeting the uninformed.

I’m a little curious as to what possible context this quote requires to be properly construed:

According to the Media Matters link, Sammon currently thinks Obama is pushing us towards socialism. So his other remarks could be interpreted as being along the lines of “I wasn’t all that convinced before, but lookit all this damning evidence we’ve got now”.

More same old, another 5 on the “meh” scale.

Yeah, this is not a “rage of a thousand burning suns” OP. Due to this being the umpteenth example of FoxNews being disingenuous assholes, it’s more “rage of touching a hot pan without oven mitts”.

What I like about that video is the selective editing they did to try and rebut what they call selective editing on the part of Media Matters. LMFAO!

Actually no. FOX News makes a lot of money pandering to the poor, unwashed masses. That’s always been Murdoch’s strategy.
It just so happens that, whereas in the UK the poor are swayed by page 3 titties and celeb gossip, in the US it appears trailer trash is more swayed by barely concealed racism, creationism and Cold War-style fear mongering. So that’s what FOX does, and that works.
The day the grand majority of Americans become edumacated enough to see right through Glen Beck & co.'s rabid bullshit, FOX will probably have to move on to tits. Thems always work.

As long as they’re not Greta Van Susteren’s tits.

Meh. I’d rather see Megyn Kelly’s.

Couldn’t they just start and end with tits? I mean, where’s the harm in that?

I missed the word “page” at first, and this sentence took on an oddly surreal nature.

If Janet Jackson is any indication, the harm is unbelievably huge. You see one, you’re marked for fucking life.

Silly me, I Googled for an image after hearing about the kerfluffle. I tell you, both my nipples inverted and would NOT come out until I promised them that I was never, ever going to get any sort of piercing again, except maybe another earlobe piercing. Then my earlobes inverted.

It’s true. Once you see one set of titties… you want to see ALL sets of titties.