Fox's King of the Hill renewal question

Does anyone know if it is renewed? Or its status?

I feel like Fox doesn’t really like the show much.

I love it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It apparently has been renewed for another season, with new episodes starting Sept. 23. See this Variety article regarding Fox’s fall schedule:

I don’t think that Fox doesn’t like the show, so much as it treats the show as nothing more than The Simpsons’ red-headed stepchild. They’ve moved it around a few times and they found out that unless its on before or after The Simpsons its ratings go right in the toilet.

So since it can’t be a tent pole, lead-in show for anything else and since, like all animation, its not exactly cheap to produce some executives consider it a liability rather than an asset.

BTW I’ve loved KOTH since the beginning. Plus, unlike The Simpsons, its been consistently good thru its entire run.

I’d look for Mike Judge to be bailing on KotH fairly soon. Fox dicked him over hard with how they treated his film Idiocracy. He bailed on MTV after he got tired of them ripping him off on Beavis and Butthead, so considering that Idiocracy was a brilliant film and Fox killed it without giving it any chance. I wouldn’t be surprised (or blame him) if Judge isn’t quietly sending feelers out to see if there’s someone in Hollywood who’ll treat him better.

In a way, the show has “Jumped the shark”.

They got nothing new to offer as the characters are all so completely defined. The “Conservatism” of the characters means that none of them can out grow their “nature”… In essence they are stock characters, limited in ways that “simpsons” can not ever be. They are ordinary characters.

They have run out of stuff… same thing that killed Gilligan’s Island.

Hank reacts to a poo joke, other characters react in predictable ways


Fox can’t hate it that much. They keep bringing it back. How many other shows last 10 years?

Although I agree they’re constrained by “reality”, the writers could have any or all of the characters gradually change. Maybe Hank opens a hardware store and everyone works for him. Maybe the Wal-Mart or whatever closes in Arlen and times get tough. As long as the writers stay inspired, an animated show like KOTH could go forever.
But as for me, give me back Beavis and Butt-Head!

Actually, Gunsmoke killed Giligan’s Island. The wife of the president of CBS loved Gunsmoke and CBS was going to cancel it, but since she wanted Gunsmoke, they killed Gilligan’s Island instead.