Frasier- What'd I miss?

So I tuned into Frasier last night and apparently, Frasier now runs his own psychiatrist buisness. What happened to the radio station? Thanks.

To answer the OP: more of the same tired plot lines.

Regrettably, Frasier hasn’t had any fresh material for several seasons now, other than some twists to try to woo back share. I tune in infrequently and it’s pretty much just the same old shtick, with Niles being the only person left with a decent line or two. The show overstayed its welcome and will mercifully be put to rest this season.

I’m not asking for opinions on the show; I think it’s brilliant. However, I missed last week’s episode and it seems that I missed some integral plot points.

Frasier returned to private practice in the seventh episode of this season, Maris Returns, which first aired on Nov. 4, 2003. He still has his radio show.

Anything else you missed can be found in this Episode Guide for Season 11.

Great thanks. Seems I might have missed a few more episodes than I thought, or just wasn’t paying attention.