Freakin' USB problems.

If anyone can help me with this, or refer me to a message board that may know the answer, I would appreciate it.

I have a JumpStart Cable USB Card reader. My computer is a VPR Matrix 1600 1 gig ram, 1.6 GHz running Windows XP Professional. When I plug in the JumpStart Cable, the computer fails to recognize the presence of new hardware. In fact, I also have the same problem with my old Canon digital Elph camera. My USB mouse and USB drawing pad work fine. Both USB ports seem to work OK with pointing devices. I’ve installed the proper drivers for both the camera and the reader to no avail.

Any ideas?


I’ve seen this with USB2.0 devices plugged into USB1.1 ports. Similarly, with USB2.0 ports that didn’t have USB2.0 drivers loaded. So 1.1 devices would work but not 2.0.

Maybe USB and mainboard drivers are a good place to look.


I think you mean the Lexar JumpShot not JumpStart.

Check the hardware list under device manager and see if the hardware is partially installed with an error code or a “!” symbol. If it is delete it from the hardware chain and restart the system. The system shoul re-initialize it and install it properly if you have the correct drivers available.


I have seen cases where installing one device sort of hides another one. For instance. i install the USB driver for my Fuji Finepix 1400 camera and it works fine. Then I install the USB driver for the Fuji 2400 camera and that one works but now the 1400 will not work. I plug in the 1400 and it will beep like before implying it is communicating with the computer but now from the computer side tehre is nothing. It does not appear. You might want to see if it is some kind of incompatibility of this sort. My suspicion is that the 2400 replaced some essential file so the low level USB communication is still there but it does not work all the way into Windows Explorer

Never mind. It seems the 256 meg card I have is not USB-enabled, as I had previously thought. Putting in Compact Flash 32 meg USB-enabled card got the Hardware Wizard going. Thanks anyway.

I thought about mentioning this before, but I figured you were using a newer jumpshot model. If the device is behaving as you indicate the problem is not that the 256 meg card is not “USB enabled”, but that you are using one of the older, limited jumpshots. This jumpshot cable is not really a reader, but is mainly designed to only operate with Lexar cards that have some onboard circuitry to allow direct USB access. Newer (normal) USB readers should read the 256 meg card just fine.