Freaky Franks!!!

Make hotdogs even more disgusting than they already are.

You’ve been eating at a certain City Cafe again, aintcha?

From your link

I can see why one would find Spaghetti-Os disgusting, but I’m sure most guys enjoy a little head on their hotdog whenever they can get it. :wink:

Do you have a little head on your hotdog? Because I prefer…

Oh nevermind.

Aw, let’s just say I’ve got a “micropenis” and leave it at that, since no one would ever believe otherwise. :wink:

Nobody likes the freaky franks? :frowning:

slinking back to my cave…

That was odd, and I liked it.

Not sure why though…

Get a mod to change the thread title to something like, “Would you like a head on your weiner?” or “Want some head to go with that?” Anything with sex in the title automatically gets a ton of responses. We Dopers appear to be a horny lot.