Freddy Got Fingered on the BBC tonight

Should I catch this just to see how bad it really is? Or should I just watch an hour and a half of the shopping channel and keep my mind clean of FgF nastiness?

I have seen (well, glimsed mostly on fast forward) a few bloody awful films, fairly recently:

City Beneath the Sea, a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea spinoff. I didn’t make it past half an hour, cheezy 70s that might pass as kitsch if it didn’t actually take itself seriously and just plain suck. Stingray looks more realistic than this crap. And is better acted.

Panic in the Skies. 747 gets hit by lightning a whole lot of unbelievable (literally) things happen, everything but snakes. Snakes on the plane would make much more logical than anything in this film. Insultingly stupid.

Alien Tracker Hacked together from episodes of a TV series and it shows. Most of it make no sense at all. “Plot” developments come from nowhere with no explaination or reason. Drivel.

I will of course never watch a minute of these suckfests again but I feel wiser (or enlightened?) for the :eek: W. T. F. experience of watching these train wrecks.

So would I feel that way about FgF or would I regret even peeking at it?

I’ve never seen it, but I’m curious: Is the BBC actually promoting this movie, or are they advertising it as a sorta “you gotta watch it to see how bad it is!” thing?

Because if it’s the latter, I bet they got it for dirt cheap.

Dirt cheap? I bet Tom Green pays people to broadcast that movie.

Nah, the BBC broadcast late night (it’s tonight at 12.50am) films of variable quality with absolutely no promotion. It’s almost as if its just done to fill in time before they can switch to either signed programming for the deaf (they add signing to popular programmes and then rebroadcast them in the wee hours) or the 24 hour news service.

Sometimes the films are pretty entertaining, tonight however, it looks like they’re broadcasting two crappy films. Monday’s late night film doesn’t look too bad. Ofcourse on Sunday Portia de Rossi and Elle Macpherson will be getting naked at 10.55pm.

Opinions are divided. Here is a past thread on the topic, in which I weighed in with my opinion. (Short version: Start watching it, but don’t feel compelled to finish; I got physically nauseated and had to stop.)

I’d heard it was unbelievably, execrably awful, and normally I just avoid such movies; I’m not interested in “so bad it’s good” movies, being partial to the “so good it’s good” kind. However, you might want to read the NYT review (free registration required) for a provocative take; that’s what persuaded me to watch it, and while I agree with the reviewer in theory (and have a certain respect for Tom Green), I simply couldn’t stomach watching the actual movie.

Out of curiosity, is the BBC showing it uncensored?

They usually show films post-watershed (9pm) uncensored.

Just thinking about this movie makes me sick to my stomach, and I never even saw it, I just heard it described in detail.

I’ve never seen it either but the “Daddy, would you like some sausages?” bit with the organ and hot dogs on strings somehow struck me as comical. If I could be assured the rest of the movie was as memorable as that three-second clip, I might invest the time.

I will defend that movie until the day I die… I think it is fucking genius.

One more person in the army of Freddy Got Fingered defenders, reporting for duty.

This movie is hilarious. Not “giggle occasionally” hilarious. Not “force yourself to laugh” hilarious. Fucking belly-laughs, face-turning-red hilarious. It’s sick, disgusting, perverted, and immature, but it is a hilarious movie.

It’s not “so bad it’s good.” It’s just awesome. You should definitely watch it.

“Daddy would you like some sausage” is pretty damn funny.

“Look at my hooves” made me cry…smiling tears that cured lepers with their magic.

I loved this movie as well - watch it!

I’ve never been one to understand the point of view that a movie is so bad that it actually becomes good. Sorry, a movie that is very bad is very bad. Why would you want to waste your time watching a bad movie? Every time I’ve thought to myself “I’ve got to see this movie to see if it’s really as bad as people say”, I’ve regretted it. Once again, it was proven true with “Freddie got Fingered”. I rented it, was bored to tears and fell asleep after the first 15 / 20 minutes. There’s 20 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

My brother! Thus far, I thought it’s been only me and that New York Times critic who found it to be good. It’s not a “so-bad-it’s-good” type of movie, at least not for me. It’s just a fantastically bizarre, anarchic romp of a flick, and I love it for that reason.

I scrolled down too fast. Argent, Push You Down, I welcome you into my family as well!

So… Did you watch it? Are there two Lebarons? How many Lebarons are there, Freddy?

Oooh, Panic in the Skies. Is that the one where they have to go get the cellphone in the cargo hold, but there’s a rabid dog down there that escaped from its crate?

I like some movies that suck, like “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

“Freddy Got Fingered” is a wretched movie. As with bad comedies, there are always a couple of decent moments in it.
Don’t watch it. Please. God, please don’t watch it.

The dog is just angry not rabid. But IIRC there is a car in the hold that breaks loose and catches fire.

I can’t remember all the details but as well as the dog and the burning car (assume all the following is puctuated with the :rolleyes: smiley).

The flight crew are all dead.
The planes’ cockpit controls are blown away.
The air force are preparing to shoot them down because they think they’ve been hijacked.
The one guy who might be able to fly the plane may be a escaped criminal (actually he’s just an innocent guy on the run)

They gain (some) control of the plane by plugging a laptop into the automatic pilot.

There’s an action-hero filmstar on board on board who is really a wuss – but comes though in the end.

They can change the course of the plane (to avoid hitting a mountain, for instance) by waggling a sparking cable poking out of the console.

At the end the plane (crash) lands itself (no-one at the controls). We see that the dog got out OK, and the good guy on the run gets away.

No snakes.

BTW I forgot to set the recorder so I missed FgF, oh well

Some movies are so bad that their badness is entertaining. Some movies are just bad and have no entertainment value. Ed Wood movies are so bad they are good. Jouse of the Dead is so bad it is good.

Freddy Got Fingered is not either of those. It’s a surreal comedy. It’s a parody of “loser makes good” genre but its taken to an insane extreme.