Frederick Poust III, of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania

(It seems to be my day for pitting people in the day’s newspapers. Maybe I need to adjust my medications.)

So in 1999 Fred was driving a school bus while talking on his phone. He ran a red light and killed a 2-year-old.

On Wednesday he was driving a school bus while talking on his phone. He turned in front of a car killing the passenger and injuring the driver.

What is that line? "The rage burns with the heat of a million suns… "

How on earth did he get a chance to drive another school bus in the first place??

(Remarkably, “Schwenksville” is worth only 78 points in Scrabble.)

A small correction: he was driving an SUV in 1999.

But I agree that some people just seem to be dangerous drivers, and don’t learn from their experience.

None of the articles I can find mention that he was using the phone during the crash on Wednesday.

You may be right. Further if I was wrong in saying he was driving a school bus in both accidents, I apologize. It was a very short press agency story.

Just enough to fire up my recreation outrage.

Continuing the aside, “Schwenksville” is worth 0 points in Scrabble, since proper nouns aren’t legitimate plays. (Well, I suppose it’s worth 78 points if your opponent doesn’t try to challenge it.)

Further since it has 13 letters, and player hold only seven tiles at a time, we would have to presume playing off a six letter word contained in “Schwenksville” (such as “wenksville” or “schwen”). But since Schwen is a family name, and since Wenksville is located elsewhere in Pennsylvania, all of this is fantasy.

Poust in his Ford truck drove about… fa la la…

Poust in his Ford truck drove about…

He drove about…

Not necessarily.

If the board has S_H_E_K_V_L_E (made from words going perpendicular) and you’re holding CWNSILQ, you could play it. Woudn’t even get the bonus for using all the tiles, and you’d still be stuck with the Q.

There should be some kind of brutal retribution for inflicting an earworm like this on innocent bystanders, especially involving a pun.

I fully expect to be hauled to the Hague one day.

Doo dah, doo Dah. I expect to get hauled to the Hagaue one day, oh dah doo day day.

I only opened this thread because I misread the name as Proust.

Both children he killed were named Madeline, so it’s a nostalgia trip every time he crunches another.