Free and Legal way to Cut/Crop/Paste Quicktime Movies?

I bought a digital camera really cheap which is nice in that it will record videos in Quicktime format, and does a decent job. The problem is, if I’m filming something like Fat Cat, I have to run it for 2 or more minutes before he does something worth showing. And then, I have to send the whole file, and no one wants to download 300MB of a 25-pound cat just staring at the camera for two minutes before he does whatever cute thing he chooses to do.

Long story short, I need to crop Quicktimes. I don’t need advanced editing, I don’t need to convert them, I don’t need anything but the ability to cut out the few seconds of interesting stuff from minutes of painfully boring stuff. And hopefully, as a bonus, also be able to paste the pieces together too.

I’ve searched a bit, and gone down several blind alleys of lieware/virusware/malware - is there any free utility that will let me do what I want to do? FTR, WinXP platform or equivalent.

You could try converting the mov to avi with MP4Cam2AVI and then editing the avi with ZS4. I’ve never used these but that’s all I’ve got after some searching around. Good luck :slight_smile:

Don’t have the answer for you, but the definitive site for information is I think you might convert, as Gut suggests, from quicktime to AVI. At that point, I would recommend VirtualDub. Good luck.

That program doesn’t support Quicktime movies, sadly, as I just tried it.

Well, thanks for the tips guys. I had hoped this was common enough of a situation that someone would have a ready program. Perhaps everyone bites the bullet and buys the full Quicktime then…

RAD Video Tools will convert quicktime, at least the .MOV files that my camera creates.