Free beef!

Just saw the first ‘Free beef’ commercial from Les Schwab Tires. What do tires and beef have to do with each other? I don’t know. But they’ve been gibing away beef when you buy a set of tires for years and years.

A friend of mine made a film (Night For Nixie) that played on the commercials. ‘Olde Tyme Pest Exterminators’ promoted their services by giving away ‘free meat’. (Of course, they were a division of the evil Sanmento Corporation.)


Tires and beef are manly. Pure, unadulterated testosterone, those two are when paired up.

What I want to know is if tires = beef in promotional tie-in parlance, what goes with a new sofa?

Corn ships and salsa.

It ain’t what it used to be. Les Schwab used to have a big freezer full of steak. Now, I believe, you have your choice of jerky or summer sausage. :rolleyes:

The old sofa?


You’re complaining that your free tire-beef isn’t high-quality enough?

You know, years and years ago, I think ( now, maybe I dreamed it) the free meat was during hunting season and it was venison, rather than beef.
He and his sons would hunt, have more meat than they could use…

A few years ago I went to Les Schwab to buy 4 new tires for my trailer (around $300 ea.) during Free Beef time. I think they gave me 6 or eight steaks that looked a little like ribeyes. They were vacuum sealed and frozen, so I tossed them into the freezer. A few weeks later I fixed one, having a taste for steak, and it was the toughest piece of meat I ever ate. I gave the rest away to someone I knew who didn’t have much.
Schwab is a pretty good place to deal w/, but don’t buy tires just for the beef. I can’t comment on the jerky or sausage, but I hope they’re better than the steaks.