Free cat litter for a friend living in Barrie, ON?

I have a friend who lives in Barrie, Ontario, who’s deeply screwed on the money front for a little while and is running very low on cat litter. My Google Fu is failing me. Can someone help with community resources for cat litter and cat food for that city? (Hell, food banks while you’re at it.)

I did a little googling and failed to find any resources for free litter. I did find this which gives home made litter tips (including how to make clumping litter):

I know most people don’t get newspapers much any more but maybe your friend could ask in her local community FB page/freecycle groups.

I also suggest newspaper as a stopgap; some public libraries still get papers, including mine–I was there today and they had several piles on the curb for recycling. Here’s the Barrie library website, but I can’t tell from it whether they have newspapers at either of their branches:

And food bank sites:


Cats will use almost anything lose and granular, like dirt or sand. Sand might be best, if you have access to some, as dirt might be tracked through the house more than sand.

And dry cat food is cheaper than cans and easier to store. Some cats subsist entirely on dry food (but make sure they have plenty of water nearby).

Or can she let the cat outside? Nature can solve the litter problem best of all, if that’s an option.

That’s “loose”, not “lose”. I know better, but didn’t proofread enough. I’m so ashamed.

The pet rescue folks here are more than happy to supply food and litter to a needy owner. She would need to contact them though, it’s not usually something they put on their webpage.

Yes, our shelter here does the same, offers free food and litter for needy pet owners. But they don’t advertise it, you have to ask. So perhaps she has a shelter she can call in the area?