Free G-Mail Accounts

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I already got one earlier from another doper, but a friend of mine wanted one. Thank you, thank you, thank you again. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, Lsura! I’ve been curious about gmail but never made a big deal about it because I’ve already got enough e-mail accounts. Now I can see what all the hubbub is about.
Oh yeah, and llamas are great.

All five of the ones I posted are gone now. Thanks - now I don’t have that “Invite 5 friends to Gmail.” Thing staring me in the face every time I check that e-mail.

Awww shucks <trembling bottom lip>

Looks like I am too late… again :frowning: I always miss these invites

You all really really really really really really really really rock for posting here again <grovelling late but still heartfelt>

Better luck to me next time

Aw, don’t cry!

Look over there==>

I don’t think all of those are taken yet.



Not just for the invite which really rocks but…

Was just making dinner between posts and tonight in my haste managed to chop chunks out of not one but both hands - right thumb and left pinkie!!!
Hint - never try to catch a falling Global 20 cm cooks knife that you just sharpened :smack:

Blood everywhere - wall floor flyscreen …

5 mins trying to get both hands covered up and blood to stop - both as bad as each other so you can imagine the mess and slapstick in doing this

I return - sore, bloodied with two hands immaculately bound in kitchen paper and sticky tape (no band aids in bathroom) feeling slightly less than clever!

Hungry too as now need to wait before I complete meal preparations

Picture me kneeling on floor typing with hands above heart level (but below eye level) to try to slow blood flow to wounds - LOL

And on my return a boon that I have been searching, well keeping an eye out, well would you believe looking out whenever I remember, for from you

Laughter through blood and tears (fig not lit) and another example of life’s quirky and unexpected sense of humour

See? Make a little blood sacrifice to appease the gods and you’ll always be rewarded.


You’re welcome, and be careful with those knives!

Anyone worried about there not being enough invite codes to go around, check here:

I think we might have enough.

If anybody has been using G-Mail long enough to have noticed the quirky behavior I noted in this thread, feel free to add your input, provided you don’t bump the thread after it has been dead for more than a few weeks.

I have several invites I wish to get rid of, but don’t know how one posts a link. Anyone care to eludicate?

Send the invites to yourself, then go into your sent items folder (gmail saves a copy of the e-mail there) and copy the link from each one. I send them to a throw-away hotmail account that I have - I don’t know if you can use a fake e-mail address or your own gmail account to do it.

I still don’t get it. It’s just email.

Here’s another

I just feel the need to clarify once more. Sucking up to me was what I didn’t want.I think as an apology, you people need to write more on why the llama has such great hair.

Yes, but it’s email with the most space of any other reliable free service, and it has a very nice interface. It’s worth grabbing an invite, especially now that they are common and easy to get.

It came at a good time for me, when my other primary web-based email become too inundated with spam to be useful, so I needed a new account.

Nobody is saying it’s a cure for AIDS.

Here ya go.

Whoops, one more.

Thank you psycat !

I don’t know why over the last couple of days I’ve just needed a GMail account, but I do… and now I have one :smiley:


True. But you’re all behaving very excitably for something that, to me, seems to be pretty ordinary.

But then, I’ve never had any interest in web based email, and only have a hotmail account because of when I signed up with MSN many years ago.

Continue as you are, I certainly won’t stop you. I might point and laugh, though, if that’s okay.