Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

For those with a VR set, plans to own a VR set or who simply like collecting VR titles you can never use, Museum of Other Realities is free on Steam until June 21.

I can’t disagree with your take. I played it through to the end once (who knows how many failures before that) and then started a new game and it just didn’t grab me again. The first time through, though…wow, what an incredible atmosphere and writing.

Epic’s free game is Genshin Impact.

Which is a free game in the first place.

Frostpunk is the free game of the week on Epic (and the next one is revealed tomorrow). I think the deal with Genshin Impact is that, until the 17th, you can use some code for free… genshins? Impacts? Don’t ask me, I don’t play it. It is weird that they make it sound as though the game itself is free until the 17th though.

Control is the newest Epic Free Game of the Week. A well reviewed game definitely worth picking up (and a nice showcase for anyone with ray-tracing capable cards)

Dammit, I bought that last week on Steam.

I’m wondering if Steam gets a leak, and discounts the game by 75% before a freebie. Looked that way for me.

Have you played it yet? Can always submit for a refund if not. Also, the Epic version doesn’t have the DLC included so if you bought the version that does, might be worth saving for that alone (don’t think the DLC goes on sale much)

Wow, Control is a great game and it has a 5-minute sequence late game that was one of the highlights of my past gaming year. Worth it for sure.

Not yet. Just started downloading it. Said the Ultimate Edition, so I’m guessing with the DLC.

Well, you have 2hrs of play time or 2 weeks in your account (whichever comes first) to refund if you want.

Guess the DLC is on sale at Epic for $7.50 so if you paid significantly more than $7.50 for Ultimate on Steam, might make the most sense to refund and get the free Epic offer + DLC.

Two weeks yesterday. Damn.

Is the “Ultimate Edition” without the DLC? The DLC mystery really pisses me off when buying a game, as to whether I have shell the same money out again to see all the content.

Ah, I see I have the DLC. In which case I wouldn’t have refunded it.

Control is a fantastic game. I am floored they are giving it away for free.

Definitely worth getting.

I got Control for $5 when they had a huge Xbox Live Gold sale on it last year. It is indeed a fantastic game and I’m surprised that I don’t hear more about it.

You might enjoy this thread here about it. I even shared thoughts about my play-through back in April.

Gah, I made some of the same comments in that thread. I’m a broken record. :frowning:

Surviving Mars - Deluxe Edition is free on Humble Bundle. You have to subscribe to their newsletter, but unlike 99% of newsletters out there, I don’t even mind. I am already subscribed and just pushed the “get” button and it is mine.

Get it here.

I am subscribed to their newsletter. They just email you info about bundles. I like them because it is a way for me to get info about games I might never have heard of, and every now and then they have a game that I really would like to get for as cheap as $1. And I’m not bombarded with emails, I think they send me 2 a week.

I just grabbed my free copy of the game since I’m already subscribed to the letter, thanks for this. (I also just noticed earlier today they emailed me about this free game too. I really like Humble Bundle.)

Same here. I ignore most, but they do tell you their new bundles and I have picked up plenty of software for $1. It’s truly incredible what they have sometimes.

Titan Souls is currently free on Steam

Hellpoint is free on GOG for the next 45hrs.

That’s a pretty good get, given that it’s less than a year old and was just in a Humble Monthly last month.