Freezing browser

The last couple of days I’ve had a problem with my IE 6.0.28 browser. I’m on The Dope. I have two other windows open. I can navigate the two other windows, but the Dope window is frozen. This necessitates a hard re-boot.

I think the problem occurs when I have the Doper Map website open, but I’m not entirely sure. I open that page by clicking on the MPSIMS link.

Is there something with the map site that interferes with the first browser? Or is something else going on?

The doper map website (if you’re talking about this thread) uses Google Maps, which can be pretty slow at times – especially if you have a slow connection or computer. How long did you wait for?

Also, are you able to use without problems?

I can navigate the maps browser. It’s the browswer with SDMB (which launches the new window) that freezes.