Freezing oranges

I’ll be on a low-carb diet for a few weeks, and need to do something with a bunch of oranges I recently bought. I know I can peel them and freeze the segments in a zip-lock freezer bag. But what would happen if I simply freeze them whole, each in its own bag?

If they freeze OK in sections, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t freeze whole and be fine. They might not section out as cleanly after thawing, however. So if that’s important, then you’d probably want to section them first.

Me, I wouldn’t even worry about putting each in it’s own bag. I’d just toss as many as would fit in a large bag, suck out the air, and zip it up. Unless you get some serious ice buildup, I can’t imagine them sticking together enough to be a problem.

I don’t know but it’d be an interesting experiment. Go freeze them then tell us your results :slight_smile:

How will you get a whole frozen orange into your mouth?

Unhinging the jaw like a boa constrictor?

I think they’re usually peeled and separated first because then you don’t have to defrost them to eat them. You don’t want to try to peel a frozen orange.

As a kid I used to freeze oranges, and it wouldn’t really work out great as I then had to wait to defrost them.
But I’d just take them fill them up in a jar of water and freeze the whole sucker. It was great fun just smashing the thing to pieces with an icepick to get at the orange inside.

As I recall they tasted just fine, and I still prefer my oranges chilled actually.

Why do you need a bag if you’re going to freeze them whole?

If you’re just going to quarter and eat them, you may as well just freeze them whole and defrost about an hour before needed.

Alternately, juice them and freeze the juice into cubes, depending on what type of oranges you have.

Don’t oranges break apart into little pieces when they are frozen and thawed? I seem to recall that each of the little “juice sacs” that compose a section would fragment off.