French speakers and Serge lovers - Help!

What’s Serge’s Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que je m’en vais about?

Well, I don’t know the full lyrics, but the title translates (roughly) to I’ve Come Here to Tell You I’m Leaving.

Here are the full lyrics. I don’t have time to do a thorough translation, but basically: the song is sung from a man to a woman. He’s leaving her. She’s crying because she remembers the good times they had together, but he says that her sobs can’t change anything about it. He regrets leaving her, but he’s still doing so, because “you have done too much to me” (what, exactly, isn’t specified.) He also compares his situation to that in a poem by Paul Verlaine.

Thank you very much, that’s all I need.

No obvious relevance to Gainsbourg’s song - but the same poem the lyrics are drawn from was famously used in a radio broadcast to activate French resistance fighters for the D-day invasion.

That’s interesting nonetheless, considering the Gainsbourgs’ experience during WWII, being judish.