French spelling of "Let the Good Times Roll"

Is “Laissez les bon temps rouler” correct?

Also, should “Acadiana” always be capitalized?

Merci beaucoup in advance. :cool:

Looks close. Been years since I studied French. Really just jumped in here to note that in some jurisdictions, the phrase you mentioned translates loosely as “Not Guilty, Your Honor”.

I once lived in New Orleans where that is the unofficial slogan. I think that is correct and a google search supports it.

Acadiana is a place and always capitalized.


That’s what I thought, but I wasn’t sure, having seen it spelled “roulez” as well. It’s a colloquialism rather than a literal translation, so I couldn’t find a definitive source. The copywriter had spelled it “Laissez les bons temps roulers”.

“Acadiana” wasn’t in the dictionary, in this context (in an ad I’m editing) the copywriter used it as a descriptive of an architectural style (pertaining to Acadia, the place). I’m going to change her lower case “a” to a cap.

Thanks again, have a good evening and a pleasant tomorrow.

“Laissez les bons temps rouler” perhaps, although that’s naturally not grammatical french. It has the most google hits anyway. The word “temps” is spelled the same way whether it is singular or plural. “Rouler” is the infinitive, and shouldn’t be conjugated to the -ez form because it follows another verb. And anyway it should be conjugated ending with -ent because temps is the subject of that verb.

Excellent! Thank you.

Yep, and welcome to the world that is NOLA… where Calliope is Cal-i-ope, where Burgundy is Ber-Gun- dee, where Tchopitoulas lays down it’s own sort of law.

You can’t really lay any French pronounciations on New Orleans and surrounding Cajun bergs, they tend to morph into local accepted means. I’m trained in classical French, but was delighted to see the difference in NOLA and Cajun surrounding country. It really is singular and different, so do not jump to conclusions anmnore than you would with any migrating Southern dialect. It’s rich, and delectable.

Whatever way you pronounce it, it’s short for letting the crap roll on off of you, and having some delight in life.

All very true!

I captained offshore oilfield crewboats for a few years out of Louisiana and Texas, and I remember trying to understand what the Cajun shrimpers were saying on the VHF radio. :smack: