Frenchie Davis kicked off American Idol

According to USA Today, audience favourite Frenchie Davis was kicked off American Idol for appearing on an adult web site four years ago.

The American Idol website has deleted all references to her.

That sucks. She was the best singer in the competition.



[Stan]Oh my God! They kicked off Frenchie![/Stan]

On a more serious note, I’m sad to hear that. I was really looking forward to her singing (and, perhaps, winning. . . ).

Here’s the sparse information available. Interestingly enough, I noticed they say she was booted for “working for” (not “appearing on”) an adult website.

Dang. There goes just about the only reason that I was even watching the show. :frowning:

Well that’s a big warm bucket of horse piss.

My girlfriend has been making me watch this show and, while I keep telling her that I want everyone to lose, I kind of liked this girl. How does her working for an adult website have anything to do with her being an “American Idol”?

Madonna is one of the most popular musicians of all time and everyone I know has seen her naked.

Holy crap, man.

I bet she gets a contract anyway. She’s probably better off without the show and the crap contract that it comes with. Heck, she’s taking the Vanessa Williams route to fame and fortune. Rock on!

We’ll see your name in lights, Frenchie! I’m looking forward to it.

Unbelievable. I’ve been so anxious to hear her perform. Crap.

Well, you see, it’s this American attitude about sex (Their country was colonized by Puritans, you know). See, Americans love money. And sex makes money. Individuals love sex. But their society hates sex. It’s dirty, shameful, and should be stuffed into a closet, which will then be sealed shut by haphazardly nailing boards over it. But they love money. And sex makes money…

I guess her former employment smears the “image” American Idol wants to project, which is a safe, neutered, sexless one. Because everyone knows, sex = dirty and sexless = clean.

I’m so pissed about this on so many levels I can’t even express it. As many of you know, I take this VERY personally.

I think they couldn’t stand the fact that an obese woman was fast becoming the favorite and they found an excuse to get rid of her.


I’m going to write to Fox and protest.


By the way, here’s exactly how incredibly bogus and bigotted and bullshit this was: Nicki-come-fuck-me-cuz-I-sure-as-shit-can’t-sing was a ** stripper. ** They didn’t seem to have a big problem with THAT, now did they? Rubbing your cute naked ass all over men for money in public is not something that interferes with one’s potential idolness, evidently…but “working FOR” a porn site does?


What the Fuck???

Nikki was not never a stripper, she was a waitress.

“stripping” != “rubbing your cute naked ass all over men”

Some strippers in some places may do this, but it’s a pretty fucked up thing to say that is what stripping is. I did it for nearly 4 years and we weren’t allowed to touch the guys in any way, let alone “rub our ass all over them”.

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Tristan wishes sincerly for a time machine

Nikki topless=yummy goodness

I am floored…and speachless…and furious.


This pisses me off almost as much as Kimberley Caldwell not making it to the Top 10 last week! If Kimberley does not make it as a wild card I swear I will stop watching the show!

DAMN IT!!! She was the best thing about the show! I was sooo looking foward to her performance. She would have won hands-down, IMHO. Her talent was miles above the other competitors.