Go Frenchie! (Booted Idol Contestant News)

Hey-- don’t go that far!

LMAO Biggirl. Not only did the morons at Fox & American Idol boot my girl Frenchie, but the SDMB and their hamsters booted my OP! It must be a conspiracy! :wink:

Let’s try again…

Just thought I’d let the Frenchie fans here know…

All I have to say is

You Go, Girl!

WHOOOHOOOOO!!! I’d love to see the conversation between her and Aretha.
I think she’s gonna go farther without the help of American Idol than she would have if she’d stayed in the competition. Getting booted might have been the best thing that ever happened to her.

Was this the week Frenchie was supposed to be on? Which contestant did they pull in to fill her spot?