Frequent Netscape error?

Before I call Gateway and bug them, I figured I could try here.

On my home 'puter, for the past two weeks ago, I get the occasional “Illegal Netscape error”. I forget the exact wording, but it is fairly common, for me at least.

The problem is that the window has an OK button, or Details button. The “details” I have no clue what they mean. However, this is the problem, if I click “OK”, the box does not disappear, it stays there. Rebooting gets rid of the box.

The problem sometimes even occurs after I close Netscape, and the box will pop after that.

Any ideas?

SigH Viscera, have you Run Scandisk on your dirve yet? If so, did you run defrag afterwards? If no…it’s time to do it.

Also…next time pay attention to the error. Is it an illegal operation “…in module netscape.exe…” or some shit, or is it in like explorer.exe. These lil bits of info really help to find out where the true problem is.

Still no clue about the problem? reload NutScraper…

Hehe, thanks man. I’ll try it, however, I do run ScanDisk and Disk Defrag once a week.

I will follow your other helpful tidbits though.


While you are looking, find out what version of Netscape it is.

I have/had exactly the same problem. Go to Edit Preferences/Advanced and disable Java and Java Script. Problem went away as soon as I did that.

the exact same thing has happened to me also.

but usually, i’m just too lazy to reboot the computer and i don’t feel like waiting for it to fully boot up, so what i did was i dragged that illegal operation window off to the side, opened up netscape, and it functioned as if there was no error.

so, that’s what i do now when that happens. i just drag it off to the side.

It’s probably an invalid page fault. I use NS 4.7 and have reinstalled it about 4 times in 6 months, usually problems with plug-ins and upgrades. I keep the 18meg install program handy everytime something goes haywire, and it will. It installs right over it keeping your preferences and bookmarks, don’t bother uninstalling it unless you have to i.e. the reinstall didn’t take.

Here’s to waiting for the stable and fast beta version of NS 6.

Sorry I sounded that way Viscera, but most times when someone has multiple illegal operations/page faults, it tends to be dirty data causing it because in the 4 years they’ve owned th machine–they’ve never done either. They end up with errors on the disk and like, 18% fragmentation…and then wonder why it won’t work :slight_smile:

So, find out what module the error is in, and then we can figure out whether it’s a java error, a NutSkrape error, or a windows error!

Good luck my man…

I pretty sure Netscape said on their site to simply delete the netscape.hst file. You could try that but copy it to another folder first in case you need it later. Net makes a new one when you start it again.

A known issue is with their email client- does it happen when you try to send or receive mail? If do, the fix is right here.

The other problem I am aware of is a Windows “illegal operation” message when clicking on hyperlinks in some web pages. I know of no fix for this; what I do to avoid it is instead of left clicking on the link, I have gotten into the habbit of right clicking the link & selecting “open in new window” on the pop-up menu. Oddly, hyperlinks in this loverly site are the only ones that cause this problem for me.

Manual sig line #32

Netscape history files for some odd reason will keep growing until it reaches some limit that crashes Netscape. If you set your history to one day, but do a lot of browsing in that day, this can still happen.
Me, I run a script that trims it down a little whenever it gets over 500k in size.

Happens to me too. The problem has to do with the way Netscape handles javascript within a page, when the page doesn’t load properly. If this is the problem, and you click on the Details tab, the first one will say “netscape.exe”, the second will vary (usually “oleaut32.dll”) and the one that gets “stuck” with repeatedly say “kernel32.dll”. Deleting the “netscape.hst” file will help, for a while, but the problem will come back, eventually. Disabling Javascript, like JBENZ said, will fix it, but that will also disable a LOT of page functionality, especially with message boards. I’ve noticed that the error is more likely to happen when I have multiple browser windows open and when my connection is bad. (Leading to more incomplete page loads)