Fresh Balls. Because women have stuff for their stuff.

Yes, it’s real. And the informercial is hilarious.

Um. Wow. Just … wow.

Sometimes I just … don’t feel fresh.

It’s doubtful that I would seriously consider buying anything from that guy - but for damn sure not a time-share condo or anything to be applied to my testicles.

How can you not trust him? He’s a doctor, and he has two fake bookcases!

Fresh balls, apply directly to balls.

seems almost certain to be a fake product.

Are those coconuts in the banner on the bottom of the page? Are they supposed to represent balls or an ingredient in the product, and if the latter why show two of them?if they are representing balls and someone actually has balls the size of coconuts then I think they have a bigger problem than a sweaty sack.

That’ll check a few names off on my Christmas shopping list!

Dude. The product is called Fresh Balls. Stop over-analyzing the imagery.

I heard a fake commercial for a testicle deodorant called Saxe (a parody of Axe, natch) on a podcast several years ago. It was much more amusing than this.

I’m nuts about this!

Contains tea tree oil. For your balls. Wow, guess they didn’t read the study linking lavender and tea tree oils to gynecomastia and androgen suppression in boys.

Granted, the study isn’t really conclusive and may barely be more than anecdotal, but it certainly isn’t something I’d risk on my lads now.

Back in the 1970s, when vaginal deodorants like Vespre and FDS were being marketed to women, they tried to sell men’s crotch deodorants with names like Man’s Other Deodorant (they obviously didn’t put as much effort into naming the men’s version). They disappeared from the market pretty quickly.

Anyone who has had a bad case of Tinea Cruris might consider using a product like this.
Baby powder and careful hygiene probably works just as well.

won’t make that mistake again…:rolleyes:

That’s funny. Whenever my fiance needs to take a shower, we joke that he needs to scrub his balls. Perhaps this would be a funny gift for him. Is this for real?