Fresh gnocchi cooking directions-- need answers fastish!

I have purchased these very fresh gnocchis and have a creamy mushroom sauce in mind for dinner tonight. However, there are no directions on the package of gnocchi on how to cook these suckers. Do you boil them up like pasta? Can I fry 'em like ravioli? What gives? Also, bought two packages of this stuff. What other thing can I do with it besides cover it with mushroom sauce?

Toss in salted water on a rolling boil, scoop them out when they float.
Warning, it will be fast.
Fry them in olive oil til crispy, tossed in some fresh sage half way through, hmmmm crispy sage leaves. Grate on fresh good cheese, usually parmesan, but I just love cheese.
Now I’m going to do the second option for me!
With lashing of white pepper.

They are pasta and yeah, boil.

They’re a kind of pasta. Also a kind of mini dumpling.