What do I do with gnocchi?

I bought some fresh gnocchi because it looked so cute. But I can’t find any recipes for it, apart from how to make the stuff. Does one just eat it plain, as a side dish? There must be something interesting I can do with it!

Any ideas?

Make home made garlic olive oil- put a stripped, pressed whole bulb of garlic in eight ounces of virgin olive oil and leave in a sealed bottle for a week. Cook the gnocchi as per instructions and gently heat the garlic oil; drizzle over drained gnocchi and eat. Else use butter and chopped garlic, or lemon and butter, or chopped parsley and butter- almost any light sauce.

Gary Hobson’s Daddy likes it.

Well, one of the classic gnocchi preperations is with sage and brown butter. Brown the butter over low heat and add a leaf or two of fresh sage. When the butter has that nut brown colour and you can smell the “toasted quality” add the almost fully cooked gnocchi and finish in the butter. Salt and pepper to taste and serve.

For other ideas.

The TV Food Network’s Gnocchi recipes.

Try these:


Italian guy checking in…

First, you pronounce it ynoki.

Second, it is best as a main pasta dish, Italian style.

  1. boil for several minutes…test them as they cook. Should be firm, not mushy

  2. make a fine red tomato sauce (aka Marinara)

or make a red sauce with meat and spices, and enjoy the gnocchi with meat balls or some pork that was cooked with the sauce.

I caught that Early Edition reference. Darn funny.

I like gnocci with Five-cheese meat marinara sauce and cheddar or havarti shredded on top. Yummy!

Mmmmmm, gnocchi. I like to take some mushroom & garlic tomato sauce, mix it with some ricotta, and pour it over gnocchi, or any pasta.

You should also search Epicurious for gnocchi recipes.

We’ve tried this one three times now and love it.

Of course, we used store bought gnocchi, substituted portabello mushrooms for the shiitaki mushrooms, subbed spinach for the arugula, subbed green onions for the shallots, and left out the truffle oil.
Hmm…okay, we made up our own, but the recipe sounds wonderful!

Philster, please tell me you meant to write “nyoki (pronounced something like a slurred-together nuh-YAW-kee),” not “ynoki (pronounced, I assume, like yuh-NAW-kee)”!

But I do enjoy it the way you suggested the best – simple, easy, and delicious.

I suffer at the unforgiving hand of the typo and the typo-catcher.

Yes, it’s nyoki. Phoenetically? My best shot: nyahk-ee

Ahh, Gnocchi, my favorite pasta in the whole world when done right.

Some ideas…
Bagna Caude goes well with gnocchi, heat together butter, olive oil and some anchovies, a slight touch of lemon I believe as well. Serve overtop of cooked gnocchi.

Make some alfredo sauce and add some ham, serve with the gnocchi, is also wonderfull.

Take a casserole dish, put layer of gnocchi down, add marinara or a meat sauce, cover with some shredded mozzerella and parmesian, and a dusting of breadcrumbs, then bake. Makes an excellent side or main dish.

Add it to some beef broth with some thin sliced onions and slivered carrots. Makes a deliscious soup.

Philster, I didn’t mean to sound like I was one of those obnoxious persons who point out other people’s minor and unimportant errors - I HATE when people do that - I just hoped that you weren’t accidentally defiling one of the World’s Most Glorious Foods. :wink: I am relieved to know it was merely a typo.

Since it’s made out of potatoes, I occasionally use it as a potato-dumpling substitute as part of a totally non-Italian meal.

It’s really good with chicken or veal paprikash, for example. Or covered with sauerkraut.

My all time favorite way to eat gnocchi is Tuscan style, with a light cream sauce and truffles, and shaved parm as a garnish.

Oh, someone should mention that gnocchi shows up most frequently on restaurant menus served with a thick Gorgonzola cream sauce.

I’m not sure why, and I’m not recommending it…it means taking a very heavy kind of pasta and burying it under a VERY heavy sauce.

Nonetheless, that’s how NYC’s Italian restaurateurs seem to think it should be presented.

::stalks up behind Ike::

Gotta try it with pesto. Can’t be beat!

Please use an oil based pesto and not one of those creamy abominations. Be sure to sprinkle them with grated Parmesan before adding the sauce. Utterly sublime…




Sorry, moi and I are fasting, I should never have opened this thread. Carry on.:slight_smile:

well, you know how to cook it by now (boil till they float up) but you need to know what to do with them…

well, as a side, With Pesto can’t be beat! just remember to make your own pesto- store bought kinds always have WAY too much oil and are EVIL. EVIL I TELL YOU!

if you are making them the main course, i recomend a nice red sauce with obscene amounts of garlic therein. garlic makes everything better. just remember- gnocchi ARE made from potato, so you dont need all that many. they are very filling.

enjoy your delicious maggot-looking potato pasta!

Fry a half a pound of bacon until it’s crispy and crumble it. You can dice up some prosciutto ham and fry that with it if you want.

Cook the gnocchi.

Toss the bacon, ham, and a cup of parmesan cheese into the hot gnocchi and mix it around.

Add a cup of heavy cream and mix it again.

Have a cardiologist on standby.