What do I do with gnocchi?

This is the closest I’ve been to pasta heaven. I’ll make gnocchi just so I can make a brown butter and sage sauce. I might just have to make some soon. Yum.

I think gnocchi would do well against Charmander.

I made some very good mashed potatoes with mushroom sauce last night.
Perhaps more flour in the dough?

Cocina Regional (long gone but not forgotten) used to make this fantastic dish of gnocci with apples and a brandy sauce. Yummm. Never saw it any place else.

Wow, what a great bunch of gourmands you all are!

I tried the butter & sage idea and it was delicious, yummmm…

Now I have to get more gnocchi & try some of these others. Can we all split my cardiologist’s bill when I’m done eating 47lbs of pasta & rich sauce? :smiley: