Friday or Saturday?

Yea! It’s Friday!!!

But is it more exciting tomorrow?

Is “Yea! It’s Saturday!” better?

Is this a joke poll? If it weren’t for Saturday, Friday would just be another work day.

Friday is usually spent working, then getting ready for the awesomeness of Saturday. No contest.

I prefer Friday the same way I prefer the lead-up to Christmas. Plus, Saturday is often busy with shopping and working around the yard (which, admittedly I enjoy somewhat). But I like the feel ofr Fridays better for some reason.

The only time Friday is better than Saturday is when I have it off - then Saturday is one day closer to having to go back to work.

Friday, yay!!
I keep my work schedule light on Friday so I’m ready for Friday night. And after partying Friday night, you get to wake up to Saturday!!

I work Sunday-Thursday, so I picked Friday. it’s wonderful waking up knowing that I don’t have to go to the hell hole.

I currently work two fixed days a week; Friday and Saturday. I guess I’d have to go for Saturday, because Saturday is my Friday, but I generally feel like I’m missing out on more by working on Saturday, whereas I don’t mind working Fridays.

Friday is better for me. We go shopping Friday, and try to stay home on Saturday to let the poor people who have to work flood into the stores. We can go any time the rest of the week.

I may have Friday on my mind, but Saturday night’s alright for fighting.

Friday because I almost never work on Fridays. I always work on Saturday, unless I specifically take the day off.

The local casino serves a good clam chowder on Fridays …

Friday because when I get off work, it’s 2.5 days before I have to go back, and 3 nights to sleep in between. And on Friday night, I’m usually not going to do anything more strenuous than put a couple loads of laundry through the wash.

Saturday I probably have yard chores that need doing, errands that need to be run, yada yada yada. so Friday’s best.

Depends on the time of day we’re talking. Friday afternoon or evening its TGIF but Friday morning is more Oh God its Friday.

I just saw this again and remembered doing it.

Dang, it’s only Tuesday. :frowning:

I work Fridays AND Saturdays and have done so for over a decade. So Saturdays are better just on the basis that is the last day of my work week.

The anticipation of something is sometimes better and more rewarding than the thing itself.

Oh, what am I saying, Saturday is actually a day off!

Saturday, because I don’t have to leave the house.

Friday and Sunday are the busiest days at the store. Saturdays are usually my only day off, unless I’m working Saturdays after sundown in the winter.

Saturday = sleep in, morning bike ride, leisurely lunch, maybe out for dinner.
Friday = work