Friend has a Palm OS issue

I’m considered the computer guru where I work, because they all know even less than do I. One of the guys here wants to write a very big document, connect various bits of it to various other bits with hyperlinks…and make it searchable while he carries it around on his Palm PDA.

So far no worries - MS Word can write links and the search can be done with a Cntrl-F. But he wants the search feature to show all the occurrences of a particular word or phrase and make them clickable…like Acrobat Reader does.

What I’m wanting to know is, what does he need in order be able to do this? Does he need to write the whole document in Acrobat, and then download it to his Palm (no sniggering, please)? Will the Palm OS even load Acrobat documents? Or does he need to write the thing in Word, do a Save As to some form that Acrobat will read (it doesn’t seem to like .doc), then load it to the Palm? Or is there another route to what he wants to do?

On his behalf I thank you.

I’m not sure about most of your questions, but as a Palm TX user I can confirm that Adobe does make an Acrobat Reader version for Palm OS. Typically the document will be reformatted to a greater or lesser extent for viewing on the Palm.

From personal experience, I can tell you that PDF support on the Palm is worthless.

Okay, so maybe PDF is not the way to go. Does anybody know what he should use that will let him write a document with hyperlinks, and has a Search function that will display a list of all the occurrences of a string of text?