Need help with PDF files/Palm OS etc

Maybe someone can help me with a problem I have. I am trying to get a large .pdf file (553 pages) onto a Sony Clie with Palm OS. I have Adobes palm coverting software/reader, however when trying to transfer it, I get an error message that the file isn’t tagged, then later the transfer will abort because of too many unrecognized characters. I think I’m looking at 3 options here:

  1. Somehow transferring the document as is.

  2. Somehow breaking up the file into smaller files that will transfer over as is ( I have transfered small untagged pdfs will no problem)

(What is "tagged/un-tagged, anyway?)

  1. Somehow converting this doc into another format, providing it remains as is.

The file is a copy of a book that contains some charting, tables and necessary formatting, which is why it is somewhat imperative that it ends up on the PDA relatively similiar to its original look.

I have this file copied to a word doc, however the formating/fonts/other items don’t convert well, nor do some of the charts/tables contained within the file, so manual editing would take a very long time.

Anyone have any advice?


‘Tagging’ is a new feature of PDF files, available only in the latest (as of August) version of the Acrobat editor program (not the free reader, the one you pay for that creates acrobat files). You can load an untagged pdf into this editor program and break it up and/or tag it. Without the editor, you can’t do either.