Friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer.

Now corroborated by the German government, which says IE ist nicht gut. Those of us in the know have been saying this for ages. If you’re using IE or know somebody who is, bin it and get Firefox!

I like Chrome… I know it doesn’t have the add-on capability that Firefox does, but I just like the aesthetic of it.

I’m using Firefox but I’m thinking of getting Chroma as well. I find Firefox a bit slow.

If you want a great browser you’d ditch Firefox and get K-Meleon. Like Firefox it is based on the Mozilla engine but K-Meleon is lightweight and nothing I found comes close to the speed with K-Meleon. Plus if you’re a geek you can write your own macros. And if you’re not a geek, if you go to the forums and ask one of the people over there, they usually can write one for you

I’m a Chrome guy, but I use all three (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) from time to time.

Internet Explorer is also thought to be how Chinese hackers attacked Google.

I hate Internet Explorer, but every other browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Maxthon) I use except for it freezes on me, and I’m unable to figure out why. IE will lock up for a few moments, but then it will continue on. The others stay frozen. Oh, well.

My husband uses IE. I’ve tried talking to him about it and nothing changes. My next step will be to download Firefox for him myself. I don’t understand. Firefox has ad-blocker. You don’t have to hit control to get a new tab when you click a link (instead of an entirely new window.) It’s faster. Fewer viruses are written for it. I don’t get staying with IE.

I have Chrome and Firefox both on my computer and use both. I like Firefox a bit better because Chrome is still a bit buggy on my favorite websites.

I’m a FFanboy

I would never advise anyone to use IE…

I tell most to disable it.

There is only one use for IE, in my opinion…

I hate Firefox.

First of all it freezes up, no doubt due to the effort of blocking all those ads.

Then, when I exit, it takes Firefox for-fucking-ever to unload itself out of my system, during which time, you guessed it, everything I’m working on is frozen.

Many times, when I go online, I get “Please wait a few moments, Firefox is updating.” Hey fuck that, I have stuff to do. It could ASK me if it was okay for it to take a few minutes for a break, or to update, or run to the john…whatever. But to just do it? Sorry, I’m a control freak I guess.

I know IE isn’t much, but it’s fast and hardly ever freezes.

You can turn off automatic updates in Firefox. Tools > Options > Advanced > Update

Freezing has absolutely nothing to do with adblocking–if anything, it makes the web run faster without all the crap. The problem is the way Firefox stores its history. It stores too much by default for a lot of computers, and grows forever. You need to clear your cache, or even create a new profile. I actually got an optimized version.

But, if you’re happy with IE, I’d just tell you to get Chrome. It’s just as fast, but much more secure.

The beta version of Chrome supports add-ons.

You know I don’t mind IE.

But friends don’t let friends still use Internet Explorer 6.

As Google is in the advertising business, I rather doubt there will ever be am Adblock add-in for Chrome. So, I will never, ever use it.

Firefox works just fine for me. I never seem to have the problems others report. Of course, I am using a Mac - but it works just as well on my office PC.

Friends don’t tell friends what they should or should not do.

I use Firefox because of Zotero, a research plug-in that works similar to Endnote, but of course, is free.

I’m generally devoted to Firefox, but it was recently acting buggy for me, so I gave Chrome (which installed itself on my computer when I downloaded Google Earth recently) a shot. I kind of like it. It does actually seem faster than Firefox. I haven’t made it my default browser yet, but I am pleasantly surprised.

Your doubt would be wrong.

Does one exist? Does it block Google ads?