Friggin' Work Computer, Oh how I hate thee...

I don’t have a computer at home right now, and the only way I can post here is from work. The problem with that is I can only get on the internet through an alpha numeric terminal. No pictures is fine, I mostly hang out here while I’m online, and I’m here for the conversation, so to speak. The problem is that I cannot put words into italics, or bold things, or make paragraphs, or see what the fuck I’m writing, because I can only write on one continuous line. If I try to see what I wrote prevously, I need to use the fuction keys to move side to side, 60 characters at a time. If I find an error in what I write, I have to delete my entire post and start from the begining. Like right now, I had to stop after the last sentence to answer the phone, and I don’t remember what I wrote. This is an international fucking company, why can’t they get me a goddamn decent computer to play on the internet with. So to my computer I say “FUCK YOU, I’M SICK OF LOOKING LIKE I HAVE NO CONCEPT OF HOW TO WRITE. I’M SICK OF YOU COMPUTER AND I HATE YOU”

Are you sure it’s a computer, or a calculator?

If it were a calculator, at least it would be able to add.