Fringe - 11/4/11

Hey, the old Hannibal Lecter substitute victim/ambulance escape ploy. Who knew shape shifters liked “Silence of the Lambs”?

Good episode, but I knew she’d escape since she had the vial of the cure and was pretty sure that the switcheroo was in play when the shot FBI agent told Olivia she jumped from the roof.

So can any manual typewriter communicate with the alternate universe? I thought it had to be that special one in the back of the pawn shop. I thought you needed a mirror as well.

I thought that the episode was pretty good. I thought it was a little slow and I’m surprised Olivia just automatically accepted that the two agents on the roof were hers.

It will be interesting to learn why Peter was allowed to live. Especially if he’s the reason for the time vortexes. That would explain why December (the head Observer) wanted Peter erased from time.

And it should be 11/4/11.

Maybe the typewriter rules are different in the amberverses.

Didn’t they explain the pawnshop typewriter as having a quantum entanglement with a typewriter in the other universe? I’m sure this typewriter works the same way. And I’m guessing it communicates with the alternate Nina.


The typewriter’s enhanced abilities fits in well with the new shapeshifters being harder to detect – we’re dealing with a threat that’s bigger and badder than before.

My guess so far to explain the paradox:

Any universe that existed where Peter lived beyond the age of his fateful drowning was wiped from existence, not the other way around.

ETA: these two universes we’re seeing are not the same ones from the previous 3 seasons, those are gone. Also, it explains why Peter rematerialized at the very spot where he was supposed to drown.

I thought that was what happened. What’s the other way around?

Also, if alternate Boyles is alive again in the “red” universe, perhaps Belly still is too?

That Peter was erased from existence, and therefore no one remembers him. I’m arguing a subtle but major difference: the machine kept his existence intact, but erased the universes he came from, and grew up in. The machine spit him out into the universes where he was never saved by the Observer.

They didn’t even know what Observers are in this universe.

Then again, maybe that’s been obvious, and I’m just slow on the uptake. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I see. They haven’t given a reason, but I just thought of a theory.

Peter at some point goes back millions of years in the past with the machine. After dismantling it and burring it in different places he jumps back to the present. However, he comes back to a world where he never existed and instead of popping back into reality he gets stuck in a sort of limbo but eventually he’s able to “bleed into” the new reality.

And I missed this, but…

My memory is crap, so I forget the exact words, but I thought that somebody said something about Bell being dead. And really, since Nimoy is retired from acting I guess the only way to have Bell back is to either see if Nimoy will do more voice work, or get a Leonard Nimoy impersonator. I really don’t see either one of those happening.

What you do is, you get Zachary Quinto to play young William Bell…

Anyways, there was some kind of time hiccup going on at the end of this episode, and my theory is that that will get more pronounced and get everything back on track again.

I love you.

Wait what? I missed that. What hiccup?

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time for Bell’s consciousness to inhabit a different body.

As for the time hiccup, some agent handed Olivia some files, she put them on her desk, and then the same agent hands her the same files again, Olivia asks: “Didn’t we already do this?”, then looks to find the files missing from her desk. It was similar to the start of the whole parallel universe thing, where Olivia would occasionally catch glimpses of ‘over there’.

don’t understand what the reason for the shapeshifters attacking “our” universe is. has that been explained? thought the 2 universes worked together now. by the way, a shame that fauxlivia/Peter’s baby got wiped out. I also miss Olivia’s sister and niece as characters. and I liked Olivia’s original boyfriend from the first couple episodes. wouldn’t it be sweet if he showed up again?

A third party with their own agenda most likely. It hasn’t been explained yet why they want to invade.

I’m pretty sure that Olivia told Lincoln that her partner died after being exposed to the chemicals. Probably because there was no Peter to help her both gain access to Walter or assist him in the lab. While not named during that conversation, John Scott was both her boyfriend and her partner at the beginning of the series.

good catch, Ryan. I missed that bit of dialogue. By the way, I like Lincoln’s character, in both universes.