Fringe December 2 2010 "Entrada" (spoilers as it airs)

Wow, good episode. Too bad for Broyles, though. He had a family!

Great episode, but I was surprised at how anti-climatic it was. All this huge setup and then “Yep, she’s back.”

Peter, you gots some 'splaining to do! But first, walk around the apartment in your shorts some more.
Shallow? Moi? As a ditch!

Yeah, this whole season arc has been really, really well done. I wish more people were watching.

Fauxlivia is a great character. I hope she doesn’t get sidelined in the story now that she’s back in the alt-world.

So… Peter’s going to have to have an awkward conversation with Olivia. “By the way, Fauxlivia and I were totally having sex because I thought she was you, and, umm… do you have plans tonight?”

And, of course, the greatest single word in series history: “Vagenda”. Maybe in any series.

If I was in Peter’s place and I got the phone call saying Oliva was trapped in the other universe, I would have immediately called Broyles and had him and some agents show up to my house asap.

And it still bugs me that Oliva couldn’t permanently cross over until the end of this episode. That was obviously just a plot device for the sake of suspense. Granted, when the military police said “She’s in the tank” I wondered if she would get caught. And when she appeared in the lab in this world I wondered if she would go back after a few seconds.

This time she had cortexifan.

“She used my STOMACH against me!” I really liked this episode; it did seem a bit anticlimactic for Olivia to just flip over, but the lead up to it was great. And Peter using his brain again! Go Peter!

Did it bother anybody else that Broyles gives Peter a gun and tells him to try not to shoot himself and he then manages to shoot the shapeshifter right in the middle of the forehead?

I also wonder what the effect on Bolivia is going to be now that she is back in the other universe and she knows we aren’t at war with their universe? The conversation she had with Peter while they were at the site excavating the artifact seems to show her wrestling with a moral dilemma.

I saw her eyeing up Broyles’ office - I think she might be effecting change from within.

I have a feeling she’ll be promoted to Broyle’s job, since she’s the only one that knows what’s going on.

I know that the science on “Fringe” is always way wonky, but was there any reason given why Olivia and finally Broyles had to be cut into pieces before being sent to our side? Or was it just supposed to be a gruesome warning?

Also, I forget, what happened to William Bell?

Tthe scientist that was discussing the plan with Walternate asked if he could have some of Olivia’s organs before he sent her back, because he wanted to study them. He would have to replace them with some kind of filler so the mass would be the same. I think that’s why some bits of Broyles were missing, to make him the same mass as Fauxlivia.

As it was explained in the episode, they wanted to keep some of Olivia’s body parts for further study. As for Broyles is pretty clear he got into a firefight with Fringe division at Harvard. As it was mentioned in Over There last year when William Bell was talking to the Fringe Divison agents at the hospital, the new weapons issued to Fringe do some serious damage. They might have had to cut off some stuff so his corpse weighed the same as Bolivia.

They needed it to be equal mass, I think.

Watching the final scene again, Broyle’s “stumps” were smoking. I don’t think they cut him up, instead when they switched him with Olivia, only an equal mass transferred. Everything else was just left behind.

Here’s a screenshot:

I wonder what Fauxlivia’s reaction will be when she finds out what all happened on her side.

Peter is going to have to explain to Olivia the whole “I’ve been fucking your twin” thing and we haven’t even had a serious kiss yet.

Now, that is going to be interesting. Or not.

Actually, that confused me. Broyles gives Peter the gun. Peter says something about not using guns and Broyles says that’s wise. So later Peter shoots the shape-shifter. Where did he get the gun and why did he use it after claiming (and not for the first time) that he doesn’t like to use guns?

Walter was the one who said he doesn’t want a gun

I don’t think they HAD to be. With Oliva the scientist wanted to lobotomize her and study her brain. With Broyles, it was either, as one poster said, to make sure that equivalent mass was exchanged, or as another poster said, that’s just the way he crossed over, with only the equivalent mass transferring over.

His crossing over back and forth between universes made his molecules unstable. He was able to use that to power Walter and the gang’s trip home and in the process he more or less blew up.

Edit: Or actually, his blowing up gave the gang from our side the energy to cross back over.