Fringe March 25 2011 "Bloodline"

If they’re going to go to the trouble of mentioning Bug Girl, I have to hope that it means that she’s going to make at least one more appearance on the show. She is quite the looker. It seems just a little cruel to taunt us like that without delivering the goods.

So the blue universe’s Charlie got infested by those chimera larvae from that panther-esque beast, and the red Charlie by “arachnids”, but did we ever see the referenced arachnid episode? The answer’s no, right? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode.

That was an accidental side effect, though. The guy who fathered the baby had a rapid aging disease himself.

Nope, it had already happened to Red Charlie before we first went to that side. That’s one of the things I like about how they’re handling the alt-universe. They’ve given all the characters a backstory, but they’re not spending all the time explaining it. There’s no “Hey, remember that time that we were chasing that one guy and you were infected by spiders?”

I never took that as ‘backstory’ but a way to quickly say that, ‘yes - the red universe is also experiencing freaky shit’

What I don’t get - the first time Olivia jumped - it was implied that she switched places with someone else - after all, her counterparts in the red universe didn’t go ‘whoah, quick hair change’ and our folks never commented on it either… only Olivia seemed to be aware of it.

I don’t think she “jumped.” It was more like her consciousness was transferred to Fauxlivia’s body. Of course, this was early on when the writers probably didn’t know where they were going with the story.

Well in that episode too the other fringe division was more like ours.

Commence pet peeve rant in 3, 2, 1 . . .

I swear I’m going to make JJ Abrams take midwifery training at gunpoint. This is the second time I’ve almost thrown something at the TV as one of his shows depicts natural childbirth with some ignorant nimrod (not even a doctor or nurse!) having to tell a woman when to push and counting for her. GRRRRRR!

Rant over.

Sedatives in pill form were monumentally lame. Classic IITS example.

I am happy though that I figured out it had to be Walter or Brandon or both. And I realized quickly that Walter must be telling Lincoln “the whole truth” in order to put him off the scent. Though I wondered why Walter wouldn’t have offered the treatment as help to Olivia. I guess if she said no to the voluntary process it would have been too obvious who kidnapped her.