Fringe March 25 2011 "Bloodline"

We’re in the other universe tonight. Spoilers as it airs after this post.

Are they…growing her baby?

Or is it the guy who wants to experiment on kids who is doing this?

Well, I guess this means the pregnancy story line is not going to be dragged out.

Haha, halfway through the episode I thought, “Maybe Bishop is behind this.” Then the pulled the last minute fake out with the Observer. Well done Fringe.

The delivery scene really reminded me of Claire’s delivery from Lost. Even the music was similar.

Fauxlivia’s love of her new baby is gonna mess with Walternate’s big plan. My prediction: she’s gonna reach out to Peter to save her baby. This will seriously mess with Peter and Olivia’s re-budding romance.

Perhaps the Observers demonstrated sorta liking (and known previous interference with our time-line) for “our” Olivia will come into play.

Man, if only I could commit to full time, week after week show watching. I could really get into this.

One thing that bugged me a bit about this episode was having the sedatives given to Olivia in pill form. That was clearly a contrivance for her to be able to escape by not being sedated when she was supposed to be, and it made no sense, seeing as they had her on an IV anyway. The writing’s better than that, usually.

Also, the episode felt a bit like it was designed just to give an easy out to the whole pregnancy thing.

But I guess that I can complain about such minor details just emphasizes how good the writing usually is…

I agree that they didn’t need to use a pill to sedate her and that was lame.

I also see that they did not want to drag out the pregnancy for too long. It’s weird that there is a baby in the mix now, though. They may have to “X-files” it and have it taken away at some point.

I knew the reason Oliva* and her baby lived would be due to the accelerated birth. I saw that coming a mile away, and felt a little disappointed.

Over-all I felt like the episode wasn’t all that great. I am curious why Walter* wanted a blood sample. Maybe he plans to see if the baby can power the machine? But then that would go against his policy of refusing to experiment on children. Guess we’ll find out soon.

*Oliva and Walter are in their own universe, so they’re the “real” Oliva and Walter, and not a fux or alternate version.

It reminded you of “Lost?” It reminded me of “Star Trek: TNG” with Deanna Troi having a baby in a day. There were a few things that seemed like sloppy writing to me, which is not something this show is usually guilty of, but I did like the “Opus the Pea-Hen” cartoon that Henry was reading on his iPad. :smiley:

I’ve gotta say, having Lincoln leading the Redverse team is sort of a grating decision on the writers’ part. That actor is just too young to be believable in that position - remember, he’s replacing Boyles, who was played by an actor well into his forties. They have a bit of fun with this, of course, by having Lincoln’s subordinates kid him about it - but still. Messes with suspension of disbelief.

Well, aren’t all, or at least most, members of the team in their 20’s? OK, after Googling Charlie I see he’s 39, so maybe he’d be more realistic.

I think they’re all supposed to be early 30ish. Judging by their discussion with Astrid, it looks like Lincoln, Charlie, and Olivia have the highest clearance in Fringe, and it seemed like Lincoln has been sort of the team leader under Broyles. Judging by the sensitivity of their investigations, it’s probably easier to promote someone than bring in somebody from the outside.

True. Although to be honest, I was expecting Oliva to be put in charge after Broyles got killed.

I thought that was gonna happen too, but Walternate has bigger plans for her.

I guess so.

Sweet. Fringe was picked up for a Fourth Season.

We heard. :slight_smile:

Gah! I’m always the last to hear. :wink:

The accelerated birth reminded me of Angel, actually. Maybe this kid will go pop off in a hell dimension for an episode or two and come back and be able to power the machine instead of Peter.

They did the accelerated birth thing way back in the first season. It was one of Walter’s old experiments if I remember correctly. I wonder if the baby will age faster as well.