From now on, can we just do this when Carol Stream shows up?

Here’s how it should go down, in my opinion:

Would this really be so hard? Just to laugh at her clear mental illnesses and inferiority complex one time and then move on? Why do people still feed her need to be looked at?

Uhm… I’m not even sure how to respond to this.

OP reported for editing quote tags.


Little Bird, please do not attribute words to other posters using the quote tags.

No warning issued.



Heh. I didn’t actually even report it.

This thread just started, and is already hilarious!. A+

You’re enough of an asshole that I saw no reason to doubt your word.

I pit her back in July for being herself too.

Similar pit

Just glad she was finally warned and punished, a little.

The only thing I have to say to you is:

Two mice fell in a bucket of cream
A desperate fate, a struggle met
The white flow a soft cold dream
That pulled them down, a nightmare threat.
One mouse drowned, a life submit
The other thrashed, he wouldn’t quit
His life was his, and strongly earned
All the cream to butter, churned.
I’ve earned your faith, a job, a house,
As the mouse crawled out, to live his life.
I’ve earned the love of my son and wife.
I stand before you; I am that mouse.

Hey, that’s hilarious, like that movie! Who wrote that?

Out of curiosity, how’s your cholesterol what with all that cream and butter swimming you’ve done.

And what of the bucket of cream now turned mouse butter? There’s a surprise at breakfast. Go to get some cream for the morning coffee only to find butter where the cream was and mousey bits all over it. No kinda way to start a day.

Bravissimo — a truly exquisite lawyerly act. I mean this seriously.

Man, you two are douchebags. Now then, back to the OP which roughly reads:

"People shouldn’t pay attention to Carol Stream.

The Person Who Wrote an Entire Thread About Carol Stream."

Maybe it’s not bad that this has been immediately derailed. Good stuff.

Thank you. So, uh… what are you doing later?

(Besides me?)

Yer mom! Oooh, burn!

I’m not sure if I should horrified…

or aroused…

This thread is turning out to be much more entertaining than it should be.

I’m pretty sure the point of my thread was “People should point and laugh at Carol Stream, and then get on with their lives and not try to engage her in any type of discourse since she is obviously a troll.” But whatevs.

Well you did ask “Why do people still feed her need to be looked at?” Maybe you can answer that. To point out how much we need to laugh at her? You also seemed to say the eventual goal was for everyone to move the fuck on. Maybe this thread is part of the move-the-fuck-on process. Sure, fair enough, birdy.