Carol Stream banned?! You bastards...

You magnificent bastards.

“A word to the wise: Be careful what you wish for. .” Hee. :smiley: This may be the new “I am the fucking hall-monitor.” :slight_smile:

And, yes. I’m aware that someone will be along to piously whine that they personally find it unseemly to mock someone who isn’t here. Let me preempt that with a hearty “So? Who gives a fuck?”

Buh-bye Carol. At least you won’t have to read mini-rant threads any more.

PS-I have no idea if this goes in ATMB (complimenting mod actions) or the Pit (mocking someone who’s not a mod)

Is this the part where we sing the “na na NA na” song? Perhaps with line dancing?

'Bye Carol. I wish I could say we hardly new ye.

Merry Christmas to us! Whee!


Now I have to learn the happy dance.

Starts shuffling through old Peanuts movies.

'Bout damn time!

There is a Santa Claus.

I do believe, I do believe, I do believe.

Dancing? Egg nog? This calls for a celebration? :smiley:

Took you long enough. Fuckers.

Banned name!

Here you go

Poor Carol. However shall she while away those endless winter nights now?

Yeah, I’m not jumping on this bandwagon. This banning is weak as shit.

About friggin’ time.

Think of it as a benefit concert…Banned Aid

Eh, she was either a troll - or she was just being really herself, in which case she’s evil. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her actually contribute to a thread she’s participated in, so I don’t think anything will be lost. And I don’t throw that around frivilously - she was a trainwreck inducing bitch with nothing but negative stuff to contribute.

Although … those posts (from the ban thread) link to warnings. But what was the final straw in this case?

no proof it was a she. carol stream is the name of a province of chicago.

Reading the thread, it sounds like the final straw was her request for reconsideration. They reconsidered, all right.

Yeah. For some reason I also remember a definitive “I’m a male” post from Carol Stream but I could be making it up and I don’t care enough to search.

Carol Stream was a dick but eh. I admit I don’t always mind trolling, sometimes it’s entertaining. I thought VC03 or whoever was a huge fuckface but his threads made for some interesting shit. And I’m not prolific or interesting enough for anyone really to troll me/purposely piss me off so it’s never personally impacted me.