Carol Stream banned

**Carol Stream **has requested reconsideration of a few recent moderation decisions (well, **Carol Stream **has actually requested reconsideration of most of the moderation decisions I’ve made). In our review of **Carol’**s posting history, we determined that **Carol **has consistently acted like a jerk who was trolling in the mini-rants thread after reporting another poster for trolling in that thread. Evidence of **Carol Stream’s **posting history suggests that **Carol Stream **has been trolling and making frivolous complaints out of spite.

Thus, the result of our reconsideration is that we’ve decided to permanently ban **Carol Stream **from the Straight Dope Message Board. A word to the wise: Be careful what you wish for.

Happy holidays to all.

Here are some recent warnings and Moderator Notes: Warning Note Warning

**Carol Stream **also had a few older warnings, which we didn’t consider, but do further support our decision:

Pit Moderator