From the list of things to someday do.

–Kick someone in the chest off of a cliff.
–Be able to say, in context, “Gordon’s alive!”
–Be able to say, in context, “It’s my latest invention!”
–inspire non-derisive laughter in upwards of a hundred people, simultaneously.
–Find a situation wherein playing “Returns a King” from the 300 soundtrack is appropriate.

There’s more, but those are the first that come mind.

How about you, my good men and women? Anything odd thing you’ve always wanted to do?


–Watch the sun rise and set in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

There are others, but I’d settle for fulfilling the above.

Ah. Good one. Add to mine: Travel into Outer Space.

Respond mercifully to the phrase “I beg forgiveness your highness!”


Row my own boat through the Grand Canyon.

I’ll second going into space, but I’d like to see a lot more of Earth first. Hell I haven’t even left the continental 48 yet.